How to Avoid Paying Tax on Rental Income: Get Expert Advice

How to Avoid Paying Tax on Rental Income Get Expert Advice

07 Nov 2020

Rental income is a source of earning static revenue from a rented property like a house. As age increases, it becomes arduous to maintain a large house. Maintenance not only requires manpower but also calls for money. Every month you need to set aside a fixed amount for the overall maintenance of your house. Most people don’t want to take this headache and hence they rent out their property. 

Rental income is a favorite planning tool for retired persons. Rental income is most essential for those who own more than one property in their country or abroad. Even some people buy properties entirely for investment purposes. No matter how small or big is your property, rental income is taxable.

Like other incomes, you are supposed to pay tax for any of your rented properties. However, you can save your income if you know how to avoid paying tax on rental income. As a result, your net rental income will increase and benefit you in the future. There are quite certain useful ways to save tax on your rental income. 

You must be aware of how to calculate tax on rental income before giving your house for rent. Tax on domestic rental come varies from the tax you need to pay for renting a property abroad, It happens due to the governing laws. Furthermore, you need to know about capital gains on rental property and what is its purpose. In the further section of the article, all these topics have been discussed. 

If you have rented or thinking of renting your property, then continue reading. You will come across all the relevant information you have been looking for a rented property. So, let’s get started with all the individual questions we have talked about in the previous part of this article. 

What is the Rental Income? 

Though we have given a brief idea of what rental income is, you need to know that in detail. Rental income is an attractive and sustainable form of income for real estate investors. Hardly have we encountered a scenario when there has been a drop in the rental value.

As per statistical information, property prices are either stable or on the decreasing side in certain cities and countries. On the contrary, rental income is on a hike as potential buyers postpone their purchases and sellers are reluctant to sell their properties. As a result, rental income has been enjoying quite a good appreciation. 

Avoiding Capital Gains Tax on Property UK 

Real estate is a great investment option if you have the resources to acquire and sustain it for future use. Capital gains tax often arises to be an unexpected tax that eats away your profits while selling a property. Short-term capital gains get added to your income and long-terms attract 20% tax on the gains. 

In other words, the capital gain is the profit you earn by selling a capital asset such as a residential house, a plot of land, or a commercial building. You are liable to pay capital gain tax when you sell your property at a higher price than what it originally was. Thus, you need to file a capital gain tax with the authorized authority of your country. 

The UK government allows certain exemptions regarding capital gains tax. It depends upon certain factors like:

  • The property needs to be sold is the primary residence

  • Not using a part of your home for business

  • Property size must be less than 5,000 square meters

Tax on Rental Income UK Calculator 

If you are a landlord, then you must be interested to know how a tax on rental income is being calculated. The total rental income tax you have to pay to HMRC is determined by three factors which are as follows:

  • How much you earn from your rented property

  • Whether you live in your rented property or not

  • How much you earn from other income sources such as salary, self-employment activities, etc.

Note: Capital gains are not considered at the time of calculating the tax on your rental income

Rental Income Tax Breakdown

We have assumed a scenario where 

Step 1: Your potential rental earnings are £18,000

Step 2: Your taxable rental income becomes £14,400.

Step 3: Then £2,400 will be taxed at 40% and comes down to £960 in rental income tax.

How Rental Income Is Taxed? 

Profit is the surplus that remains when you deduct any expenses and allowances from your added rental income. In case you have a mortgage on your property, then add some mortgage interests to your expenses.

Rental income for landlords means the primary rent that tenants pay for a rented property. But, this income also covers other payments for services enjoyed by the tenant. These services include:

  • Cleaning communal areas

  • Bills for utilities like water, heating, and broadband

  • Repairing of the property

If you charge the tenant any non-refundable deposit, then it also comes under rental income. 

A scenario for Taxable Rental Income

For example, a landlord charges £750 per month from his tenant. As the tenancy ends, the tenant agrees to forfeit £500 of his deposit for repairing the property. Thus, the landlord needs to declare his income as £9,500. 

The tax rate on your rental income will be equal to the rate at which you receive income from your employment or business. When your rental income is added to other incomes, the tax bracket increases. 

Capital Gains Tax on Rental Property 

Some changes have come to capital gains tax in April 2020. We have listed the changes one by one below:

  1. Landlords who are in shared occupancy with their tenant will only be subject to lettings relief. 

  2. Landlords who lived in a property but rented it afterward, don’t have to pay tax on gains accrued during the final nine months of ownership. Previously the tax exemption was available for gains accrued during 18 months of ownership. 

  3. Landlords have to report their residential property sales twice. Once it is to be reported to the HMRC and then it is reported for Self Assessment. The landlords must report pay capital gains within 30 days of selling his property. Even if any tax remains unpaid, that also needs to be paid within these 30 days. Next, landlords have to report the sale on a Self Assessment tax return for the said year. 

  4. The tax-free allowance has increased from £12,000 to £12,300 for individuals and representatives. Whereas, it has increased to £24,600 for married couples or couples in a civil partnership. Finally, there is an increase of £150 for the trustees of settlements.  

How to Minimize Tax on Rental Income? 

Here are the various ways of minimizing tax on rental income. 

Maintenance Charges Since maintenance charges are not a part of rental income, therefore exclude them from the rent received. Thus, you don’t have to pay tax on these charges as well. Agree that the tenant will directly pay maintenance charges to the association. 

1- Joint Property

Buy a joint property and then give it for rent. As the rental income gets divided into the ownership, the tax on your rental incomes reduces. If your wife is a working woman, then take the advantage of the lower tax slab. The rental income is divided in proportion to your ownership irrespective of EMI paid by the husband or wife. 

2. Municipal Taxes

Deduct municipal taxes like property tax, sewerage tax, etc from your rental income. Generally, landlords pay municipal taxes. In case tenants pay these taxes, then landlords cannot claim a deduction for payment by the tenant. Municipal taxes reduce your incomes and tax liability simultaneously. 

3. Standard Deduction

No matter how much is the cost of repair and maintenance, you can claim 30% of Net Annual Value as Standard Deduction.

4. Semi Furnished/Fully Furnished Properties

A semi-furnished or fully furnished property provides facilities like DTH/Cable TV, Newspaper, Piped Gas Connection, Wi-Fi Connection. Ask the tenants to pay for these facilities and reduce the equivalent am ount from their rent. As a result, the rental income decreases along with your tax liability. 

Tax on Overseas Property Rental Income

The taxability of overseas income depends upon the residential status of a person. If you are a non-resident of your country and want to sell your property abroad, then it becomes non-taxable. You can collect you the sales proceed in a foreign bank and then remit it entirely to your country.

If you make a profit, then that amount becomes taxable in your country. The same principles apply to a rented property. If your rental income exceeds the expenses you are spending for the up-keep of your property, then the profit becomes taxable. 

If you are a resident of your country, then your rental income becomes taxable both in your country and where it is situated. The foreign country will collect the corresponding tax and your country will provide a credit for it. If any tax balance remains, then it will be collected by your country. 

How long do you have to keep the property to avoid capital gains tax?

There are instances when your tax exemption can be prevented from the sale of an old house through shopping for a house. Long Term Capital Profit Income Tax is gain @ 20%.  There can be no minimum exemption restriction, so the full amount of capital gains will be eligible for taxable income. It invests in the idea of a net sale to buy or build a house property.

When you have no separate earnings or your other earnings are far below the taxable limit. However, with the fall in capital asset costs, capital losses are losses. Loss is realized when the asset is purchased at a decrease in charge compared to a unique purchase charge. In addition to the above prices, high-net-worth taxpayers should also pay Internet funding income tax on capital gains.

Some important points are:

  • To take the full exemption, the entire capital gain needs to be invested in a new asset.

  • Do indexation to decrease your property gains.

  • If the entire capital gain is not invested, the amount invested is chargeable to tax as a long-term capital gain.

  • You can use some other items to make tax savings and benefit from tax savings.

When do I start paying taxes?

If you are making any kind of profit, you may have to pay tax. Determine the exact amount you are paying so that you no longer end up with a large invoice. If you work for an agency from time to time, any income tax and country-wide insurance you receive can be deducted from your benefits. It is called me to pay to Earn.

As an alternative, you must record a self-assessed tax return every tax year, announcing your earnings and prices. If you usually live and check within the UK, although working abroad during the holidays, you will be counted as a resident of the United States for this tax year for tax purposes.

Governments want permanent assets of the value range for public investment to sell social development and monetary growth and development. The amount of tax cost subjects to invest and develop businesses.

In which there is an excess of tax, corporations have a greater inclination to exit the formal sector. The general public who earns revenue or wages pays the correct amount of tax and is not required to do anything at the end of 12 months of tax. When starting an enterprise, you need to decide which business unit to set up. The size of your business determines which profits you have to file.

How much tax do you pay on rental income?

Rental income is not simply a lease you receive; it also includes any money that you earn with the help of your property. This can be kept by the deposit or price range for offerings - for example, if tenants pay for easy communal areas.

If you rent your house for my part, you are entitled to a property allowance of £ 1,000. You must maintain a detailed report of the prices associated with your property and the income you generate.

This is the earnings that you no longer want to get to HMRC, tax-loosened, and claimed. Any non-refundable deposit fees for your property can also count as added income. As can be avoided with refundable deposits at the tenancy stop. Own properties and condos are part of a commercial enterprise that makes an income through the housing.

The pleasant part is to move a property away from the legal heirs. Also, I question my readers on the taxability of apartment profits in retirement planning. This gross annual value of the property can be calculated with the help of the calculation of the proper expected rent of the property. The actual rent of the goods must be paid within 365 days.

What counts as rental income for landlords?

About strolling and maintaining their home, landlords can claim certain prices. If the rent you charge includes council tax or services for water, then you need to take the leased rate from the tenant within your benefit.

As a landowner, your tenant is liable to pay council tax, but these changes to your duty if the assets are deported. If you are a full-time landlord, you need to declare to HMRC that you are starting a business - in which case, you will be taxed separately.

The amount of tax you pay will depend on how much you are earning from your property. Taxation bands for inclusive income and thresholds are the same for different forms of earnings. However, the IRS is specific for energetic participation under passive income. When you have a qualified rental property, see above in which we have classified your home.

Any income from subletting is counted as condominium income. Subletting refers to situations where you are a tenant yourself but you let someone else use your rental property. Interest will probably be your largest deductible rate, assuming you take out a loan mortgage to buy your home.

What Are the Rental Income Tax Rates?

Your overall allowable apartment expenses and total combined income that you go to the tax return, which you will have to pay every 12 months. The way you profit and spend is not the same for all residential goods. In addition to the amounts you receive as a normal lease payment, different amounts can be a condo benefit and should be returned to your tax.

Boost rent is the amount you get before the period that covers it. The income of your apartment is considered an enterprise through the tax government, although it is a small amount. This means you have to finish the self-assessment tax return, calculate any tax you have paid, and pay that tax.

One of the most important mistakes made by buyers and all owners of a commercial enterprise through the tax season is misinformation. It successful during the tax season, with very necessary to recognize tax quotes, deductions. There are definite steps to calculate the income tax on earnings from a residence's property.

To begin with, you need to calculate the amount of annual rental received as rent. When you include the true market value of a property or offer for your rental profits, you can deduct that amount as the included rate. You cannot cut the price of improvements. When you buy a property for the first time, and when you promote it, you levy a capital gains tax on the income you are making.


It can pay more than 20% on their actual income. As an example, married couples deposit together with a capital gain of $ 100,000 pays upwards of $ 20,000 in taxes. In your case, it can include fixtures, carpets, and appliances and include fitted kitchen and toilet fittings. The allowance is 12.5% of the expenditure corresponding to the year for 8 years. It keeps a discrepancy between the amounts mentioned when the corporation returns.

One of the most effective ways to reduce your opportunity for capital gains tax is to offset the earnings made through promoting the house with a loss. In another case called the tax-loss deduction, this unique strategy reduces the risk of taxes levied on profits. Through accounting for each gain and loss, traders can reduce the number of capital profits they are taxed.

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