How to Find Out When a House Was Built

How to Find Out When a House Was Built

02 Feb 2021

Introduction: - This is the universal trust that home is one of the basic needs of human beings. Besides us, other living beings too require some shelter to live in and they call it home. We spend our precious time inside the home doing lots of activities. We make love, become sad and get every possible emotion inside the home. But do you know that When was my house built, sometimes we need to sell our home or have to buy a new home due to various reasons like: - We are not willing to pay rent and wanted to own a home of ourselves,

  • The interest rate is low and it has become costly to take home on rent as compared to the buying. 

  • The government is encouraging us through different ways like giving subsidies on home buying. 

  • We have the home but due to various major or minor factors like education, career, marriage, family expansion, we need another house with more space and more greenery. 

  • We also purchase a home as it works as an investment tool for us too. Real estate in general and home buying, in particular, is a great way to put some hard-earned money to get good returns. You live at the home and at the same time, the rate is increasing and you will get good returns when you sell the home in the future. 

But at the same time, when we go for home purchase, we need the exact time of house construction. We require knowing that information due to the following reasons:-

  1. Knowing the exact year of construction helps in deciding the best possible cost of purchase.

  2. The exact construction date determines the strength and the vulnerability of the home. A buyer understands the indoor and outdoor strength of the home. Long years of use make the home more vulnerable to various natural calamities like earthquakes, heavy wind, storms, cyclones, and others.

  3. It is very dangerous to live in a very old house and must know that how old is my house. However, if the house is well maintained and proper repair work is taken at various intervals, it lessens the risk to reside. 

  4. The construction year helps in understand the next time of repair or the expected year of the demolition of the house. Let’s say, the house is 100 years old, in that case, get, you may expect that in the next 50 or 100 years you need to demolish the house and reconstruct again. Here you will get enough time to plan your finance so that down the line you have enough financial resources to demolish and construct a new house. 

  5. A safety inspection is quite an essential element for any house older than 50 years. Older houses like more than 100 years require safety inspection two times annually. 

When Was My House Built? 

To know the year of home built, you have the following ways:-

1. Visual Looks: - Someone may argue that this method does not imply the exact year of construction. But it helps in getting some idea about the time. External looks like architectural design, wall color, plaster of the wall, etc indicate towards a year of construction. There is quite an architectural tendency in every country and every location. By taking a look at the design, and physical structure you get a rough idea about the construction year.

2. Information Gathering Nearby: - Go and visit the house location and enquire about the year of construction from neighbours. Many locals have a good idea about When was my house built. Old people in particular have enough knowledge to guide you in this regard.

3. Online Records: - Online is the best place to seek information by just clicking on some links. There is not even a need to visit any office, visit the official websites of the land record governments and look for the land records section. Enter the land record number and a display page will appear. Take a look at the information displayed and that’s it. Simple and easy way to get the house-made year.

4. Old Online or Offline Area Map: - Map is an excellent way to know what is happening in is around the city. The art of map creation is very old and a details map contain different sort of information that includes details of the building. Visit a map shop or any book shop that sells maps on various scales and enquire about old local maps. Alternatively, switch on your computer, Smartphone, tablet, notebook, and visit the home page of your search engine.

Enter the details of your house locality and the search engine will probably come up with different information that may be helpful. There probably is some historical evidence is attached to the locality, or a famous personality purchased or sold the house in your locality. When a famous personality invests in property or sells the property, it becomes a news item and local and sub local tabloid covers that news with great enthusiasms. 

Do not go on buying a house without looking online. Many prospective buyer and seller share their feedbacks and reviews on various websites. Online is a storehouse of data and you had to seek information from that large volume of data to make it useful? 

How to Find the History of a Property Online?

Online is a great repository of all sorts of information. Its works more like knowledge and sharing base their lots of data is created, liked, disliked, and shared by various users. Government as well as the public ensures that their land records are correct and uploaded in the online directory. In case you require knowing the property year, here is a step by step guide to that find out when house was built

  • Obtain the exact address of your house that must include the city name, state name, locality, etc.

  • Get some basic about the land record authority of the place where your house is located. 

  • Visit the official website of the land record authority by putting some relevant keywords in the search bar of the search engine. 

  • Look for the land records section on the website.

  • Click here and it will ask for some relevant input like record number, plot number, etc.

  • Enter all the details and click on the submit button.

  • That’s it; your information is presented before yourself. 

Besides, the above-mentioned steps, you can obtain the record from some third party application and service provider.

How HM Land Registry can help?

HM land registers are very authentic ways to get property information in England and Wales. The United Kingdom is made up of other places too like Ireland. But these register records pertain to only England and Wales. It is a non-ministerial department of the government. It is not quite necessary to only obtain the information in the case of ownership. Any prospects buyer may seek information from the HM land registry by paying the following fees:- 

Title Register: - 3 pound

Title plan: - 3 Pound

Records with Various Indicators: - 10.80 pound includes taxes.

The records obtained from Hm record are very reliable and even court cases accept the documents as valid court documents. Since 1993, this department is helping various stakeholders in the real estate business. You can also contact them through their physical address that is in the city of Gloucester, Great Britain. Visit the office and pay the fee and seek the required information. 

How old is My House with the Land Registry? 

If you are looking for a reliable and authentic land record, then you must seek a record from the Land registry. Either you are a buyer or an agent that helps in buying and selling, the presence of reliable documents and knows that when was my house built land registry makes your position strong. As an agent when you approach a prospective buyer with documents from the land registry, they trust your documents more as compared to the other ways.

Third parties also supply documents but that is not reliable all the time. A person put hard-earned money into buying a house and that is the reason for exploring various options to obtain house age. 

Tips to Determine the Age of Your Home

The main significance of selling a house is - its age. Some of the building insurers want to know the age of your house. The age of a house is needed to know for knowingly the house is old or new. And it will give you an idea about the maintenance. There are several ways to find out the age of your house.

At the time of buying or purchasing a house, it's important to know the entire information about the house's age, year of build, etc. Whether a house is built a few years or so many years ago - may need some assessment. You just need to recognize the era of your possession mainly for the advantage of having insurance. Because, if the house is more aged, it may raise a higher rate of insurance. 

  • If the house is newly built and you want to sell it, you should request to different people. Moreover, if you want to purchase a building, consult with the merchant or their vendor. The vendor must obtain information about a seller's property, which includes the age of the property.

  • In the case of a mortgage, the poll clarifies how old the house is. Also, the regional administration may have a record - when the permission of the building planning was accepted. 

  • In case the property was not sold by the building architect, the land register doesn’t have much information about its age. HM Land Registry maintains all the records of property possession. 

  • And if the estate was not sold by the building architect, you may find out its estimated age utilizing the first date of shifting the property to another person. Because the date always remains in the register.

  • If someone is going to buy a newly built house, they should ask the salesperson. The information should reveal the age of the house. And also in that case less work is needed if you want to provide vast evidence related to the estate. But when selling an aged house, you can only sell that if you've some periodic details of the land registers.

How to Lookup Year House was Built?

People get interested to know the date or the time of the When was my house built, at the time of buying a new property, the look of a house can mislead the customers. For looking up the year or the date when a house was built, you may follow some procedures –

  • If you're getting anxious to know the year of your house when it was built. You can just talk to your neighbours to find an answer. Your neighbours may know the age of the house - if your home is as similar to the building of your neighbour. It is an easy way to get the year at your house.

  • Another way of getting the year of your house is - architecture. As the buildings built by the same architect, are always of the same types between specific times. You just need to look at the architectural design, technique, and attributes of the home.

  • HM Land Registry is another helpful way for knowing the year of a property. As it provides you with the historical evidence about the properties and accesses the record of the registers.

  • We all know that there are the returns of the census that is generated every ten years. This survey helps to count a specific period. There also remains the exact location of your house.

  • You can also check the records, the local libraries or the record offices to know about the date of your house.

How Do I Register My New House Address?

For making your house registered with a new address, at first, it's required to pertain to a new address and the number of your house. To apply for this you should go through the main procedures. 

  1. Firstly, one should construct a new building or renovate a prevailing estate into apartments. You should apply for a house number or street name, you need to encompass a location plan, a building development plan should be encircled. And also one should complete and submit an application form with the name of the street and number of the house which should include the number of planning.

  2. You must need a license for proceeding with the communication components. The policy of naming a street and numbering a property should help in this matter. For registering a new address for your house you may follow the guidelines - The provided components (personal and contact) for street numbering and naming use by an authority. It is needed for making correspondence between you and the authority for helping to administer the problem.

  3. You are allowed to name a street and also allowed to number specific properties. Several questions regarding mail delivery or codes of posting must be authorized to the specific websites or consumer services. It's a commitment of the mails. All the new locations appeal for the postal code is to be submitted first.

  4. By filling up an application form of street name and address, you get authorized to the knowledge that is used for registering the new location.

  5. A statement regarding the fees or payment will be sent after the confirmation of the new address. The authority receives the application and gets the payment, and then they contact you to notify you of a payable fee.

  6. You should adopt a road that is maintained at public expense. Normally, the city council will approve new areas of carriageway that serve several properties.

Conclusion: - Do not just put your hard-earned anywhere without considering all the facts like the age of the house. People who prefer shorts cuts and avoid or ignore checking land records or house age, then repent in the future. Be a responsible investor and always obtain house age and land records before finalizing the deal. 

By going through the above content, you can get knowledge of the time of the creation of a house. Generally, the age of a house matters in various explanations. To evaluate the actual age of the property or the year of build you must investigate the day of transferring the property (from architect to the 1st proprietor).

While buying or selling a house, you will easily find out the period, the time, and other information by asking in the neighbourhood who live in identical estates and also able to remember the age of the houses.

Moreover, you can also ask any of your neighbours who are living there since the 1st day the when was my house built uk. But in case you already occupied the house, you must try to notice your tax records. Always the building time of a house will be there in the records.

People may have to face a problem remembering the information regarding the house or building if the house is more than twenty-five years old. And in case the age of your home is more than a hundred years old, it will be difficult for anyone to remember the exact age.

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