How To Get Rid Of Earwigs In Your House

How To Get Rid Of Earwigs In Your House

01 Sep 2021

Introduction: - Earwigs are a common source of apprehension for many people. It's inconvenient and scary to have small creatures move around our home. If these little insects are discovered within a property, they might be exceedingly troublesome for the homeowners. They walk around a lot on the floor and in the garden, while you tend to your lovely plants, flowers, fruits, and veggies. In this article, we will know How To Get Rid Of Earwigs In Your House?

They are pretty effective in messing up your homey atmosphere as a whole. Earwigs may have a sinister appearance, but they are not poisonous. Aside from that, they are less likely to spread disease. 

As they belong to different species, the size of these insects may vary. This insect group contains around 20 species. Some of them make a strange-smelling liquid that they utilize to defend themselves. There is a prevalent belief that these insects enjoy stepping inside people's ears when they are sleeping. 

Many people, particularly females, are terrified of what appear to be these insects. Although they are not harmful, they are unpleasant and like making a mess in your home. As a result, combating them is essential. Now in the upcoming discussion, we will talk about how to stop the earwigs in the house effectively.

What Is An Earwig?

Earwigs are vexing creatures that are always looking for new and exciting locations to reside. Even though they might be discovered in your home, they prefer to be outside. The reason behind this is that they used to hunt for food in the wild. Plants, for example, are where they get much of their normal food. When earwigs are present, there are a few symptoms to look for.

Noxious Odor Can Be a Sign of Earwigs: - 

This insect produces a yellowish-brown chemical discharge from its body. This chemical emits a pungent odor. The distinct smell suggests the presence of earwigs.

Plants In Your Garden May Be Harmed: - 

These insects enjoy feasting on decaying foliage. They're also typically found in gardens. If you notice leaves in your garden regularly, earwigs may be present.

If You Live in A House with Cold and Damp Areas, Be Cautious: - 

In a dry and hot environment, these insects are particularly vulnerable. They tend to live in damp environments. As a result, inspect your home's traffic areas. Earwigs may live there.

Check For Earwig Movement at Night: - 

This insect is usually encountered after sunset. They usually go out at night in quest of food. As a result, now is the greatest moment to look for them. As a result, the areas surrounding the light may serve as a beginning point for their search.

How To Kill Earwigs?  

There are a few homely methods that can help you decrease earwig development in your home. These cures are simple to use and may be found in practically every household. So take a look and put a stop to it as soon as you can by the use of home remedies for earwigs.

Detergent And Water Mixture: - 

Soaps, without a doubt, contain some heated ingredients. These chemicals are also extremely hazardous to insects. So you may use whatever dishwashing soap or detergent you have on hand to make alum with basic water. Spray the earwig-infested regions of your home with this mixture of chemical water.

A Mixture of Rubbing Alcohol and Water: - 

This is the most effective chemical combination for eradicating earwigs. This procedure aids you in getting rid of these vexing insects as soon as possible.

Boric Acid Powder: - 

The boric acid powder is a commonly available component in most hardware stores. The chemical powder can also be used to deter earwig activity in your home. Because the chemical is exceedingly detrimental to our health, you must keep it in a secure location. You must keep it safe, especially from your pets and infants.

What Do Earwigs Eat?

Earwigs are almost entirely vegetarian. That’s why it is easy to guess earwigs are in the garden. They love to eat the dry leaves and other plant parts. This is one of the main reasons why they are so common in gardens. They enjoy eating a variety of fruits, sprouts, vegetables, and green leafy vegetables. Although earwigs are vegetarians, there are a few predatory species. 

Smaller insects and arthropods are favourites of these spices. Though these types of earwigs are less prevalent than vegetarian earwigs, they still exist. Other earwig species attack plants, particularly seedlings. For earwigs, these sensitive stalks are a valuable source of food. Earwig damage can be noticed on some crop and garden plants, and the damage can be severe enough to render the plant unproductive.

What Kills Earwigs in Your Home Naturally? 

Earwigs are always looking for a dam or moisture source, as we discussed earlier in this talk. And they can readily be found in our home's outdoor areas at night. They can also be discovered in the rest of our kitchen, flower base, bathroom owner, and any other conceivable part of our house. It can be assumed that this is a requirement to know how to get rid of earwigs

Now, in this phase of the talk, we will emphasize how to eliminate earwig movements in our homes using natural methods. 

  • Attempt to eliminate your house’s entire textures dam. Pay careful attention to the pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. Because, in general, these pipes are the primary cause of your home's excessive tablets.

  • There is no doubt that the basement spaces provide a higher level of humidity. Earwigs are especially frequent in basements because of this. As a result, look after your basement regions as well.

  • This small insect also likes to hang around in godowns. As a result, if you want to get rid of Earwigs, you must clean the godowns regularly. Otherwise, they will quickly spread throughout your home from God's areas.

  • After a while, the gutters and drainage system should be cleaned. These places are likewise thought to be the preferred habitat of these little insects.

Why Do I Have Earwigs in My House? 

Earwigs can get into your house in a variety of ways. They can get in through minor spaces in the kitchen, bathroom, doors, and windows, for example. Are extremely effective at locating the holes in your walls. Aside from that, it may readily detect cracks in walls and get into a property. Aside from that, they make their homes in a pile of newspapers, a dump of discarded items, books, and a variety of other places. 

Aside from the residences, there are also gorgeous gardens that attract numerous insects. Earwigs love to live in garages, god owns, rarely used parts of the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and, especially, the garden.

So, if you have a passion for gardening, you must be extra cautious with your garden and plants. The plant pots could be a breeding ground for these little insects. Use all of the effective procedures discussed earlier in this article to get rid of these vexing pests.

Why Are There So Many Earwigs in My House?

Like any other bugs and insects, earwigs are troublesome too. They can be seen anywhere on your property, and they feed both living and dead things. It could be plants or insects. Even if you have dead plants in your garden, then you can stay very sure that earwigs are there in your garden. And soon there will be so many earwigs in the house. Apart from that, there are other reasons too. These are mentioned below-

Fallen Leaves: - 

If you have a garden or vases of tiny bushes, which leaves become fallen due to seasonal changes, then this can attract earwigs. Plant leaves are favorite to earwigs and for this reason, you can see earwigs in gardens. 

Stored Foods: - 

The stored food of your kitchen can also attract earwigs to your house. During the fall and winter seasons, the visibility of earwigs can be highly experienced. Earwigs will come by the smell of foods or other dead insects. 

Thigmotactic Or Like Tight Spaces: - 

Where ants and termites prefer both open and small spaces, earwigs are just the opposite of them. An earwig prefers tiny and tight spaces, which has a scientific name called Thigmotactic. Therefore, if you see earwig infestation in the house then must check tiny and tight spaces, where you don't think an insect can survive. Must check cracks, and holes.

Dampen Space: - 

Can you tell me after which season you can see fallen leaves? It's the late rainy season, early winter which is known as fall. During fall, leaves start falling because of heavy rain and dampen weather makes this happen. And the piles of fallen leaves attract earwigs. It is the most favourable condition to lay eggs for earwigs. Dampen spaces and humid weather is perfect for earwigs to grow their life cycle. 

How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Your House UK?

We know that the UK is the region, where the moisture level is very high due to the climate. That's why; rapidity of earwigs is a common problem to the inhabitants of the UK. This becomes serious trouble for everyone. A few ways show you how to get rid of earwigs from your house. These are-

Can Use a Vacuum Cleaner: -

If you see earwigs in your house as well as garden and anywhere in your property, then you can do one thing that is you can simply use your vacuum cleaner. Wherever you see earwigs, just vacuum over that place. Earwigs will come up by the pressure of the vacuum and deposit into the vacuum bin bag. After collecting earwigs, you can destroy them by dipping them into a bucket full of water. 

Chemical-Based Pesticides: -

Whenever you think that you feel earwig infestation in the house, then you can purchase powerful chemical-based pesticides and spread them over the places where you see a maximum infestation. Pesticides are highly effective as it contains various chemical compounds that will create suffocation for earwigs and destroy them.

A Mixture of Rubbing Alcohol: -

Rubbing alcohol is an effective home remedy for earwigs to evacuate them from your home. Simply mix water and rubbing alcohol and spray them immediately on earwigs. It will kill them right then. 

Can I Prevent Earwigs in the Future?

You will not have clear confirmation that after finishing all the earwigs from your home, they will not come back. Even not only for earwigs, but you also can never say that any insects and bugs will never come back to your house again. If you wish that earwigs and other harmful insects will never come to your place, then it is your responsibility to take precautions about it. 

  • You know it very well that, earwigs can survive in close and tiny places. So, first of all, check all the window screens. If you see any holes and then immediately check for the replacement or serious repairing. Because the holes will be the shelter for earwigs.

  • Do not pile up fallen dead leaves in your garden. The piles of fallen leaves are a safe place to lay eggs of earwigs. It will help their tiny eggs to grow in a darker and warm place. So, clear all the dead leaves.

  • If you have leakage in the pipeline and any drainage system in your house, then call a plumber and repair them as early as possible. Because damp places attract earwigs. From these places, earwigs can enter your house.

  • If you have a large garden, then take care of your trees and bushes. Try to trim their rotten and dead edges, because it will attract earwigs to enter your garden as well as to your house and destroy them one by one. 

How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Flower Pots?

You cannot find a single human, who doesn't wish to have a garden on their property. Growing different colourful flowers, seasonal vegetables, and fruits of own garden is like dream come true. But like the human body has diseases, the same flowers and vegetables will also have diseases and get destroyed by attacks of harmful insects. 

One of the annoying insects that are common in any region that is earwigs. Once you have earwigs in your garden, soon all your favorite trees and vegetable plants get destroyed by it. To Prevent Earwigs from your garden, here are some tips.

  • You can make insect-catching traps prepared by bamboo. Place these traps beside every tree and check regular basis. If you see earwigs then immediately destroy them.  

  • Apply borax powder to every stem. Borax is a strong chemical compound that keeps away insects from trees. But before sprinkling borax, keep your kids and pets safe from getting close contact with the borax.

  • Spray the mixture of rubbing alcohol and water over leaves. Rubbing alcohol is strong enough to penetrate insects' skin and destroy them. Prepare a mixture of one part of rubbing alcohol with one and a half parts of water. Spray over earwigs whenever it has been sighted. 

But, before preparing any chemical solution, take suggestions from an experienced gardener or nursery caretaker, because all plants will not have the same resistant power to bear the power of chemical compounds and alcohol.

Conclusion: - 

We are all the blessings of our mother nature. Similarly, insects and bugs are also parts of our nature. It is not possible to stop this creature from infesting your house. After knowing their ability and all features, you must take necessary precautions, so that they will not vastly destroy your house and garden. And if you wish to take the necessary steps, then go through our above-mentioned steps. It will surely help you get rid of the earwig’s infestation from your house and garden. 

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