How To Get Rid Of Earwigs In Your House

How To Get Rid Of Earwigs In Your House

01 Sep 2021

Introduction: - There are several species of earwig found in Britain, but only one of the lesser earwig, Labia minor, is seen in most regions. It is half the size of the common earwig and can be found in compost heaps. In general, it does not damage plants, though; it's inconvenient and scary to have them moving around our home.

If such creepy crawlies dwell on your property, they might become an appalling problem. If you see mass infestation, you may be left with no other choice but to exterminate them.

Earwigs love damp areas of a house, so always deal with any leaks in your home to prevent them from spreading comfortably in your home. You can use the guide to -How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Your House?

Some such creatures discharge a strange-smelling liquid when in danger. It is believed that these insects even enter human ears when they are sleeping.

Although they are not considered harmful, it can be terrifying to have them in your house, especially if you are dealing with a mass infestation, you may be left with no other choice but to exterminate and so, we need to know how to stop the earwigs in the house permanently.

What Is An Earwig?

Earwigs may have a sinister appearance, but they are non-toxic and less likely to spread diseases. The insect group contains around 20 species, and its size depends on the species-genus it belongs to. Earwigs are creatures that are always looking for new places to grow.

Even though they may be found in your home, they mostly prefer to live in such areas because they hunt for food in the wild and extract food from plants. You need to look out for the following warning signs to ensure if they are in the house or not – 

Noxious Odor Can Be a Sign of Earwigs: - 

The insect releases a yellowish-brown chemical fluid from its body that emits a pungent odour. This distinct smell suggests the presence of earwigs.

Plants In Your Garden May Be Harmed: - 

These insects enjoy feasting on decaying foliage. They're typically present in gardens. If you notice leaves in your garden regularly, earwigs may be present.

If You Live in House with Cold and Damp Areas, Be Cautious: - 

Such insects are particularly vulnerable in dry and hot climatic conditions. So carefully inspect the various sections of the house.

Look For Earwig at Night: - 

They like to come out at night in search of food. It would be the ideal time to find them. Some species are attracted to bright lights, so a location harbouring bright illumination could be a good place to start looking for them. They may be seen after sunset in the yard. They usually come out at night in quest of food.

Earwigs get away from dry and hot air. They often search for cool and moist climates to conceal under and live in. Check your basement where the air is colder, and there is a higher susceptibility to leakages that lead to water build-up.

How To Kill Earwigs?  

Know how to use different chemicals and home remedies for earwigs infestation- 

Detergent And Water Mixture: - 

Soaps, without a doubt, contain some chemical ingredients that are extremely hazardous to insects. So you may use dishwashing soap or detergent and mix it with water. Then, spray the earwig-infested areas of your home with this mixture of chemical water or make a mix of washing-up liquid and water and spray in any infested areas you spot.

Use a mixture of Rubbing Alcohol and Water: - 

You can use a combination of alcohol and water for getting rid of these irritating insects.

Boric Acid treatment: - 

Boric acid can be used to deter earwigs in your home. However, safety measures should be adopted while applying boric acid to avoid health risks due to chemical exposure. Use gloves while applying and store them in a safe place, especially away from your pets and infants.

What Do Earwigs Eat?

Earwigs are almost entirely vegetarian creatures except for a few predatory species. That's why it is easy to guess where earwigs are in the garden. 

Smaller insects and arthropods are favourites of the predatory variants of the spices. Though such earwigs are less prevalent than vegetarian earwigs, they still exist. Other species attack plants, particularly seedlings. 

One can see the damage caused by such creatures on some crop and garden plants, and the damage can be severe enough to render the plant unproductive.

What Kills Earwigs in Your Home Naturally? 

As discussed earlier in this article, earwigs seek damp or moist areas to dwell. And they can readily be found in our home's outdoor areas at night. They can also be discovered in certain parts of our house's kitchen, flower base, bathroom shower, and other conceivable parts. You may have to spot such areas to know how to get rid of earwigs. 

How to get rid of these irritating pests using natural remedies?

  • Pay careful attention to the pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. 

  • There is no doubt that the basement provides a higher humidity level. 

  • It is a small insect that also likes to hang around in godowns. 

  • Check that screens are tight, the garage doors are sealed properly, and outside doors have weather stripping and thresholds. Because earwigs have flattened bodies, it does not take much of a gap to allow them inside.

  • Also, ensure the gutters and drainage system, even those at some feet away from your home, should be cleaned. Such places provide comfortable breeding for these insects to grow.

Why Do I Have Earwigs in My House? 

Earwigs can get into your house in different ways, like they can get in through cracks or gap spaces in the kitchen, bathroom, doors, and windows. They breed through the holes in your walls. Also, they can make homes in a pile of newspapers, a dump of discarded items, books, and a variety of other places. 

The yard or the park attracts them. In addition, these insects may reside in enclosed spaces in garages, storage regions, tiny unoccupied kitchen spaces, bathrooms, basement, and garden. As a result, if you want to get rid of Earwigs, you must regularly clean the godowns. Otherwise, they will quickly spread throughout your home from storage areas.

Similarly, if you have a passion for gardening, be cautious of the infestation to some specific species of plants as the pots could be a breeding ground for the little insects. 

Why Are There So Many Earwigs in My House?

Like any other bugs and insects, earwigs are troublesome. They can be seen anywhere on your property, and they feed both living and dead things. It could be plants or insects. Dead and decomposed organic waste in the garden attracts such creatures, and soon they spread, and you may see many earwigs in the house. 

Apart from that, there are other reasons for them to grow as mentioned below-

Fallen Leaves: - 

If you have a garden of tiny bushes, where you see fallen leaves every day, it can attract earwigs' infestation. It is because plant leaves are favourite to such insects; for this reason, you can see earwigs in gardens. 

Stored Foods: - 

The stored food of your kitchen can also attract earwigs to your house. During the fall and winters, you see them growing in number. They are attracted to the odour of certain types of foods and dead insects. 

Thigmotactic Or Like Tight Spaces: - 

Where ants and termites prefer both open and small spaces, earwigs are just the opposite. An earwig prefers tiny and tight spaces, which is called Thigmotactic.

Therefore, you see earwig infestation in the house in the tiny and tight spaces or cracks on walls or between waste items, where you don't expect an insect to survive. Hence, you must check all the hidden cracks and holes to eliminate them from home.

Damp, humid spaces: - 

They can be seen in the late rainy and early winter seasons when leaves fall due to heavy rain and moist weather conditions. Piles of fallen leaves attract earwigs, which is the most favourable climatic condition to lay eggs. Damp spaces and humid weather is perfect for earwigs to reproduce. 

How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Your House UK?

In the UK, the moisture level is very high after rains, which is the most suitable time for the infestation. Male earwigs have curved pincers, and female pincers are straight to capture prey or at the time of mating, and some large species use them defensively when they are attacked.

If you don't grab them, they won't pinch you. They may not crawl into people's ears but be a nuisance. Some of the steps to how to get rid of earwigs from your house are-

Can Use a Vacuum Cleaner: -

Vacuuming up can help clean a large colony of earwigs in your house and your garden; wherever you see earwigs, vacuum over that place. Earwigs will be sucked into the pump, and you can collect them in a plastic bin bag and then destroy them by dipping them into a bucket full of water. 

Chemical-Based Pesticides: -

Whenever you see earwig infestation in the house,  you can purchase powerful chemical-based pesticides and sprinkle them over the place where you suspect the highest infestation. Pesticides are highly effective as it contains various chemical compounds that will create suffocation and destroy them.

A Mixture of Rubbing Alcohol: -

Rubbing alcohol is an effective home remedy for earwigs to evacuate them from your home. Mix water and rub alcohol and spray them immediately on earwigs. It will kill them right then. 

Remove clutter/waste material from the house:-  

Reducing mulch, correcting leaky, faulty downspouts, and moving piles of grass clippings, leaves, or other decomposing vegetation will help.

Reduce the light in the garden:-

You can use alternative lighting to reduce light in the porch, yard, or pool lights. Some newer LEDs and other bulbs draw in far fewer insects than our old incandescent ones.

Can I Prevent Earwigs in the Future?

If you are not careful, such infestations may happen again and again. To avoid it, use the following methods- 

  • Make sure all cracks and holes in your home are locked. For example, examine small gaps in brickwork, walls or the entrance door or window frames that hide such pests. Such insects survive in close and tiny places, so you need to seal such spaces. 

  • Do not pile up fallen dead leaves in your garden, as it provides a safe zone for the insects to lay eggs. In addition, decomposing vegetation provides the tiny eggs with nutrition and a secure enclosed area to grow in a darker and warm place. So, clean the garden regularly and remove all the dead leaves.

  • If you have leakage in the pipeline and the drainage system in your house, call a plumber and repair them fast. Use a dehumidifier to deal with excess dampness in the air. 

  • Fix leaking pipes, drains or faucets.

  • If you have a large garden, trim trees and bushes and regularly eliminate the rotten and dead edges.

How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Flower Pots?

Earwigs are beneficial for fruit trees where they eat aphids. Such insects can eat flower petals and young leaves. On a mild night, you may have to inspect plants in torchlight to find them feeding on the flowers and foliage. Often they hide in sheltered places during the day and emerge after dark to feed.

If you have earwigs in your garden, some of your favourite flowering plants may get destroyed, so to prevent earwigs from your garden, you may have to follow the tips – 

Use recommended insecticides-

Several applications of short persistence products like organic contact insecticides containing natural pyrethrin rum may be necessary to give good control. Get advice from experts to apply chemical solutions.

Use insect-catching traps made up of bamboo -

Place bamboo traps close to each plant and see for infestation risks. For example, if you see earwigs, then immediately destroy them or trap earwigs by placing upturned flowerpots stuffed with hay or straw on canes among plants being attacked. 

Borax -

Apply borax powder to every stem. Borax is a strong chemical that keeps insects away from trees. Use safety measures to avoid risks.

Remove by shaking away -

Every morning, shake out the pots and remove the earwigs.

Rubbing alcohol -

Spray the mixture from rubbing alcohol and water on leaves. It penetrates insects' skin and destroys them. 

Conclusion: - 

Insects are part of the same ecosystem where we live, and they have a role in maintaining the balance, but some such creatures invade our homes.

If you come across an earwig invasion where many insects are present all over, or you keep having them every time you terminate, you need to seek expert help to get rid of the earwig's infestation from your house garden. Pest control isn't something that happens daily; it often requires persistent efforts to get the desired outcome.

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