Property Markets in Manchester and Dublin Grow During Brexit

Property markets in Manchester and Dublin grow during

25 Apr 2019

Investment Properties in Manchester

Even though London is the most popular city, Manchester gives a chance to investors to earn higher rentals and appraisals. In addition, the population growth, new government projects, job opportunities, and lifestyle draws new purchasers to the northern powerhouse.

The impact of Brexit on UK organisations impeded relocation to other European cities like Dublin. In addition, Brexit transformed the way financial specialists were purchasing properties, and the RICS reports discovered that the delays led to a decline in the market; however, one cannot propertysimply blame Brexit for the decline in customer queries as it started even before the financial downturn.


The central Dublin property costs have multiplied over the last five years, but the rents are just about 37 per cent higher than their 2008 peak. Currently, the rent of an office in the city can be around 2000 Euro, and a regular home loan instalment for a comparative property can be 1200 Euros (Daft. i.e. report).

The Higher Capital Development and Safe Returns 

The UK land markets faced contraction during the Brexit transition. But, be that as it may, the foreign investments poured into the capital in specific areas like the northern powerhouse and Ireland. Seventy-seven per cent of the GCC financial specialists discovered that the UK was the top destination for foreign investors because it offered higher appraisals, rent and attractive returns (according to a YouGov study charged by Select Property Group). 


Multi-billion pounds have been poured into the city's development project as more elderly and young residents are coming in search of flats. Hence, the interest in homes keeps developing. However, the city requires 9000 new homes every year to satisfy the need, and in three years, new developments may be able to provide only 25 per cent of the yearly requirement.

The price growth was 9 per cent in 2017-2018, which was more than the UK's normal of 5 per cent. 

In the most recent month, Icon Industrial declared two proposals for stockroom improvement at the Manchester Airport site, a joint endeavour between Stanford and TPG Real Estate. The improvement provides the opportunity to migrate toward the North West with better availability of air terminals. 

CBRE Manchester Catila Markets group said this was a record year as they could get land deals worth more than £1.5bn. It is expected that more than 40 exchanges will be concluded in the year 2018 across different locations and sectors, including workplaces, retail, medicinal services, and coordination.

The CBRE said the city keeps developing and is becoming the centre point for various business exercises in the innovation segment, medicinal services, and media that will bolster further speculations.

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