Why Is My House So Dusty

Why Is My House So Dusty

05 Aug 2021

Introduction: - The rate of pollution has increased the amount of dirt that is present in our atmosphere. It can cause various health issues and affect our lungs. Besides these, the dust can make your home look old and unclean. People can embarrass you if they point out the dust that locks in your walls. It can also reduce the quality of certain appliances such as fans and air conditioners. 

8 Ways in Which Dust Accumulates Within Your Property

It blocks the filter that is responsible for the air to pass. Go through these points to understand the reason behind the excessive dust in your house:

1. Poor Quality of Filters: - 

To control the flow of dust particles, people these days install air filters within their properties. These filters consist of minute ducts through which the air can come in and out. In case there are certain leaks in them, the dust that the machine traps can enter your house as well. That is why you should never trust filters that belong to low-standard companies. 

Buying cheap air filters can have an impact on the dust particles that surround your property. Dirty air ducts can also stimulate the cause of a dusty room. 

2. Window and Doors Don't Close Properly: - 

The main component that lets the outside air reach your house is the doors and windows. If these are not close it is obvious that more dust particles will enter through them. Due to bad weather conditions, your doors and windows can lose the seal that blocks the outside air. Hence, you must ensure that there are no creaks present in them. 

In case of a small opening, you should call a professional to take a look at it. Weather-strips are an excellent way to close such minute openings. You need to change them with time before it becomes loose. 

3. Improper Dusting: - 

You need to use proper dusting methods to keep your house clean. Otherwise, it can cause the dust particles to become trapped within the indoor. If you are not using the vacuum cleaner regularly then it will become hard t remove them. The dust will settle on your floors and walls. You need to use a proper cloth to remove the dust from the deep edges. 

A microfiber cloth is the best way to go for it. Make sure to apply proper pressure to trap them in your rag. Start from the top of the surfaces to clean your house thoroughly.

4. Having Pets: - 

It is very hard to control every activity of your pets. Even if have a lot of training, they will run around within your areas. It is very difficult to manage pets that have dense furs along their skin. These hairs can become locked in different parts of your house. Hence you must keep your pets clean. 

If they have excess furs try to groom them so that they don't create any waste. Skinny flakes can be another reason that increases the deposition of dust within your property. 

5. Dust in Your Carpets: - 

Carpets are very important when it comes to giving your home an attractive appearance. However, the thick layer often causes the dust to fall and get trapped. The pets also drop their hair on it while walks on it. That is why it is very important to vacuum them often. Otherwise, it will just release more dust in the air every time someone walks on it. 

6. Outside Conditions: - 

In certain cities, there are a high amount of pollutants that ruin the quality of the air. Many activities such as crop harvesting can also act as a catalyst for this process. If you live in such an area you are bound to experience the deposition of dust within your area. That is why you should invest in top-quality air purifiers. 

Keep your windows closed for some time to prevent the outside dust from reaching your home. Netted windows can also help you to treat this problem.

7. Other Furniture: - 

Apart from the carpets there is another piece of furniture as well that contributes to this process. Certain owners are too much attached to their pieces of furniture. As a result, they keep many antique items that have no use. These ultimately take up space and contribute to the deposition of dust. Since nobody uses these items it stays within your property just like that. 

Certain organisms tend to grow in such areas as they are moist and damp. Hence you must sell these old items from your household. Replace them with new ones that are useful to the members of your house.

8. Clean Your Floors and Bedsheet: - 

Lastly one of the best dusty house solutions is to keep your floors clean. It is something on which the dust accumulates the most throughout the day. Having a dirty floor will stop anyone from coming to your place. It is very uncomfortable when your feet get dusty once you walk within your property. Along with the dry cleaning, you need to wipe your floors as well. 

The water makes the dust stick to your mop and ultimately gives it a clean appearance. Change your bedsheets as well once you get up in the morning. Sleeping on an unclean bedsheet can cause complicated skin problems. 

Why Is My House So Dusty? 

Excessive dust in the house is one of the most common problems in people’s daily lives. Dust can be seen in the bedroom from the sheets to the furniture. This problem not only disfigures the appearance of the house but also causes breathing problems. In addition, dust removes the softness of human skin and causes rashes on the skin. Let’s take a look at why is my house so dusty all the time -

Dust Enters the House Through Cheap Air Filters: - 

You often use different types of air filters for fresh air in the house. Those air filters that are cheaper or less expensive do not have advanced technology. Moreover, old air filters can cause such problems.

From The Dust on The Carpet: - 

Everyone usually uses carpet to clean their feet when entering the house. This carpet accumulates a lot of dust which makes the floor dirty.

Dust Enters the House by Pets: - 

Many people keep different types of pet dogs or cats or any other animal for hobby at home. When those animals lie down or go out, they bring dust from the outside environment into the house.

Where Does Dust Come From? 

We usually keep the windows and doors of the house open to keep the lights on. Judging differently, it is understood that dust enters through the windows and doors of the house. However, it is not only the single source for the dusty house. There are several reasons for this – let’s take a look –

Through Shoes Coming into The House From Outside: - 

When we leave the house for any need, we take off our shoes and go out. Whether it’s shopping, going to the office, going to school or whatever. But the shoe has a lot of germs on it and above all some amount of dust. This dust makes the home environment look ugly which is not at all desirable to you.

Via Open Ventilator: - 

Not only doe’s dust fall to the ground, but they are also blown into the atmosphere by the wind. The dust enters the room effortlessly through the windows and doors as well as the open ventilator. And that dust forms a coating on any stationary object such as lights, fans, etc.

Through Your Staff or Guests: - 

If you think you are the only one responsible for dust entering your home, you are wrong. Your staff and relatives who come to your home are equally responsible for dusting the house. Dust also enters your home through their shoes and clothing or bags.

How To Get Rid of Dust in The House? 

Since the problem of dust affects the beauty of the house and your health, it should be taken seriously. It is well known that your mind becomes beautiful through cleanliness. Now let’s take a look at some of the ways on dusty house solutions –

Keep The Bedding Clean: - 

We sit in bed or go to bed; we use it almost all day when we are at home. So if we keep the bed clean, our health is better, germ infection is less. Moreover, cleaning the bed sheets at least once a week reduces the amount of dust in the house.

You Can Use an Air Purifier: - 

Air purifiers of different prices and sizes are now available in the market. You can use an air purifier in your home to get fresh air into the house. However, from time to time the filter of the purifier has to be cleaned or replaced when it gets old.

Keep Home Use Shoes Separate: -

You must have separate shoes for home use which is an important issue. This prevents dust from entering your room easily. At first, it is a little difficult but gradually you have to make it a habit.

How To Reduce Dust in The Home?

The middle-class people in this world work hard to build their own houses. This is one of his dreams-to build a house so that relatives and family can live full of love and happiness. But while doing so, you may have seen that having dust is such a problem if you live on the roads where so many cars pass every day. 

It can be for the pollution, or you have old walls, which is shading dust. You can get read of those things if you are a smart cleaner who cleans their house every day. Buy anti-dust colour and paint the walls and the other wooden things which can save your dusty house. You can also recommend your carpenter later if he can provide you with dustproof tables and chairs.

Then the other essential job is to wash all your clothes daily, clean your shoes, and don’t enter the house with muddy and tidy clothes. Always keep extra fresh clothes outside and a bucket of water. Emerge your boots and clean clothes in the bucket of water and change your clothes. Then enter your house. 

You can make a small changing room outside your home at the garage by fitting a small water supply over there. If you don’t enter with germs and pollution, it will help you make your room cleaner. 

Is House Dust Dangerous?  

Dust is a nanoparticle that can be developed out of anything. Mainly it comes out due to corrosion or any other mechanical work. It is a natural process. But the main point is that if you are thinking about the house dust. Yes, it can be dangerous and harmful at the same time. People, especially children, may be harmed if they live in dusty houses. They might get into dust allergies. That can trigger you to random sneezing and coughing. 

Asthma is also a disease that can be caused due to dust allergy. As they are nanoparticles, they can get into your stomach through the foods and water you consume. So always try to cover your food and water if you are not having it. But you can get away from it if you do constant breathing exercises and keep your home clean.

Why Is My House So Dusty in The Winter?

This is a type of question which everybody wants to know that why my house is so dusty. You might be more confused because, at the time of winter, you might not have the opportunity to clean the dust. But you should do a few of the activities to do the work. At first, you should clean the electric furnace and the fireplace every weekend. 

The fly ashes come out in the house, and it makes the home dirtier. Don’t use the same wood, ever and ever again, if it is not burning properly. All the time, you should clean the windows and take care of the glasses. At every moment, the clouds of dust will try to come in through the ventilators as well.

Conclusion: - 

If you have a rooftop, then pile old things over there. Try to keep it clean if possible. Then comes the point of heating the water for bath and washing dishes. You should do it in a gas oven or an electric oven. Don’t use woods too much. If you are using them, then make sure you do the burning far away from your house. 

These are the main point that is essential to know. If your home is made up of woods, you should try to do pest control every six months or once a year. Your place will be protected. 

Dust is a major threat to the well-being of the people living within your property. You should treat it as a serious issue so that it does not cause a problem later on. In case you don't have so much time you should install the latest air cleaning technologies. 

These machines work on their own to trap the dust and reduces your labour. If it is a big mansion you can also hire professionals to trap the uncontrollable dust in your house. 

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