Surveys Support Investments in The Northern Regions

Surveys support investments in the Northern regions7

22 May 2019

Northern Investments

Brexit indecision led to turmoil in the real estate markets, where the prices in some of the top regions fell during the first quarter. As a result, many sellers reduced the asking rates to get buyers.

The sharp rise in cost, unaffordability, unavailability of reliable residential units, and the uncertainties created by the EU exit may have introduced new opportunities for some buyers seeking some of the lowest prices in central London.

The prices in inner London were almost 3.8 per cent down from a year ago, and some of the homes in prime central London are now available at a 13.4 per cent discount.

It observed that more than 50 per cent of the home sellers owning assets worth below $2.6 million lowered the asking price in the capital city. The entities in the range of over 5 million pounds declined 6.6% while selling such units increased 3% in the first three months y-o-y.

One of the most active markets in the region was Wales in the last 12 months, where the asking price gained 4%, and the rates in West Midlands gained 3% as per Rightmove's asking price index.

Touchstone Survey

According to the survey by Touchstone Education, which runs courses in the real estate markets of the UK, 78% of the clients believe the best investment opportunities were available in the Northern borders and 50 per cent of the surveyed intended to target London and 53% wished to own a house in the South East. In contrast, 49% wanted to invest in the South West.

Touchstone Education states there is scope for a rise in the rental yield in Scotland, where the performance of such investment will increase; on the contrary, the performance in the other regions of the country has almost flat-lined. For example, the yield generated in England and Wales was about 4.7 per cent in March.

New Register for Foreign-Owned Entities in the UK

To promote affordability in the capital city, the UK government is preparing to introduce the first register of foreign-owned houses to check money laundering illegally into the real estate sector.

Such investment resulted in inflation in Britain's markets, where many such units owned by wealthy foreign buyers were left unoccupied.

A report suggests highly corrupt individuals purchased about 86,000 units worth over £4bn, many of which have been identified in England and Wales. The foreign registered homeowners in Ireland will also be affected by the changes.

Those worth over £180m were subjected to a criminal investigation from 2004 to 2015 that belonged to the people involved in organised crime who invested in the capital city and similar areas.

Some countries have restrictions on ownership by the non-nationals, and now the UK is preparing to introduce a proposal wherein such publically accessible properties will be recorded in a register. The register will maintain the records of the entities holding or the beneficial owners behind the foreign investments.

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