The Number Of First-Time Buyers Grows In The First Three Months

The number of first-time buyers grows in the first three months

29 Aug 2019

The data by UK Finance reveal the number of first-time buyers increased to 30,720 in May at the rate of 0.5% more than the same month of the last year. The number of re-mortgages with additional borrowing increased at a rate of 19.8%.  

The director of UK Finance Shaun Church said: “The buyers are taking additional loans on existing property for saving money in stamp duty.” Stamp duty continues to hinder the property market where the stock is low and it may be necessary to lower the stamp duty liabilities to promote buyers and encourage buying and selling. 

The report found the average age of buyers was 32 and disparity in London property continues to promote eastward migration of occupiers.

Growing London Markets

Probably the most grounded advertise in London is Kingston where the asking cost expanded 3.7 percent y-o-y and different locales indicating development, according to the Rightmove information, were Bromley and Waltham Forest. 

A portion of the focal London princely dealers don't wish to sell and are prepared to trust that the ideal time will get the correct cost for their property, while, they can win by leasing their property. 

Rightmove report finds the cost over the UK fell 0.2 percent from June to July, and London keeps on observing development and recuperation in exchanges because of growing interest from the worldwide purchasers and debilitating authentic. 

The UK purchasers expect Brexit to sort in one manner or the other, and they are not any more stressed over the shaky economy or the political circumstance, which keeps on seeming secure.

Office Rents to Increase in The Second Half Of 2020

In the states of no-hard Brexit - office rents can increment in the second piece of 2020, while rental development might be low because of the higher accessibility of empty property in London

The cost in West End, South Bank markets, and Midtown are relied upon to pick up, and in regions with a low opportunity like Mayfair, Southwark, Fitzrovia, and Soho, the lease might be near £5 per square foot per annum.

European Economic Growth Hit Homebuilders

Britain's property markets face a decline in growth due to a slowdown in the European economy where the homebuyers are holding house prices amidst the chaotic conditions. 

The homebuilders like Bovis said the building expenses are growing, and Taylor Wimpey said the rise in the cost of building material hit profits. 

Some builders are adopting alternative methods to cut costs like changing the design and simplifying the range, or choosing low-cost locations offering affordable homes to the buyers.

Average House Price in Wales Grew at The Rate Of 4.1% Over Last Year

The Principality Building Society shows the highest annual rate of the home price grew 4.1% in Wales, and the growth in the property price in the last quarter was modest at 0.1%.   The low cost of borrowing and labour market strength continues to support growth.

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