The Top 7 US Cities for UK Property Investors in 2024

The Top 7 US Cities for UK Property Investors in 2024

27 Feb 2024

UK property investors are turning their gaze toward US cities, attracted by a booming market. This guide is your roadmap to understanding what the US has to offer.

Why US Cities?

A Mixed Bag of OpportunitiesThe US real estate market is diverse. It's a patchwork quilt of opportunities, from the fast-paced life in New York City to the laid-back vibes in Los Angeles.

Rock-Solid Economies

US cities are built on strong economic foundations. It's like investing in a fortress.

Stretching Your Pounds

Favourable exchange rates can make your British pound go further in the US. It's like getting more for less.

Top Picks for UK Investors

Let's dive into the specifics, including some illustrative numbers to guide our UK investors.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is busy and growing. It mixes old charm with new tech. Many companies are here. It has nice parks and is warm. Investing in homes here is a smart move. People like living here because it's friendly and full of life.

  • Average Property Price (2022): $350,000

  • Yearly Growth: 6%

Austin, Texas

Austin loves music and technology. It's full of energy. Many people want to live here. It has great festivals and BBQ. The city is also good for jobs. Buying property in Austin is a good idea. It's a place where people enjoy life and work.

  • Average Property Price (2022): $450,000

  • Yearly Growth: 8%

Miami, Florida

Miami is sunny and fun. It has beautiful beaches and nightlife. The city is a mix of cultures, especially Latin. Miami's property market is strong. Luxury homes are in demand. It's a good spot for investing in property. People come here for the weather and the lifestyle.

  • Average Property Price (2022): $600,000

  • Yearly Growth: 10%

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is big and welcoming. It has a famous skyline and diverse neighbourhoods. The city is by Lake Michigan. This makes it pretty. Chicago's property market offers many choices. It's a good place for investment. People like the city for its culture and community feel.

  • Average Property Price (2022): $300,000
  • Yearly Growth: 5%

White Plains, New York

Westchester County's White Plains is close to New York City. It's quieter but still lively. The city has good schools and shops. It's surrounded by nature. Property values are going up. Investing in White Plains could be wise. It's great for those who like peace but want city access. 

You'll find beautiful landscapes and a community feel in Westchester County, where White Plains is located. Gated communities in White Plains offer extra security and luxury. They have amenities like pools and tennis courts. These communities are perfect for families looking for a safe and comfortable environment.

Its vibrant downtown, strong corporate presence, and quality of life make it an attractive option for UK property investors looking for growth and stability.

  • Average Property Price (2022): $500,000

  • Yearly Growth: 7%

Understanding US Real Estate Laws and Taxes

The US and UK have different takes on real estate laws and taxes. You might get around the property maze easier in the US with a guide. UK investors need to brace themselves for a learning curve.

Financing Your American Dream

Loans in the US for UK investors can come with a bit more red tape. But, with interest rates for foreign investors averaging at around 3-5%, the dream is within reach.

Overcoming Hurdles

Managing from Afar

With a trusted property management team, overseeing your US investment from the UK can be a breeze.

Market Ups and Downs

The property market is like a roller coaster. But with research and patience, UK investors can enjoy the ride.

Comparing US and UK Markets

Let's draw some parallels and contrasts with illustrative numbers to give our UK investors a clearer picture.


US Cities (Average 2022)

UK Cities (Average 2022)

Average Property Price


£300,000 (~$410,000)

Yearly Growth



Interest Rates for Investors






The US real estate market is ripe with opportunities for UK investors. With a little research and some savvy decision-making, the rewards can be substantial. Whether it's the booming tech hubs of Atlanta and Austin, the luxury shores of Miami, the stable grounds of Chicago, or the suburban charm of White Plains, there's a slice of the American dream waiting for every UK investor.

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