Top US Locations with Similar Weather to the UK

Top US Locations with Similar Weather to the UK

25 Apr 2024

The United Kingdom's temperate charm beckons with its comfortable year-round weather – mild temperatures and refreshing rain showers keeping things pleasant. But the vast US, known for its climate extremes, might seem like a world away.

However, hidden gems are scattered across this diverse landscape, boasting a surprisingly similar climate to the UK. We're talking cool, rainy summers perfect for cozy evenings and crisp winters with snow but not teeth-chattering chills.

Buckle up because we will check out the best US cities with major meteorological characteristics compared to the United Kingdom.

If you enjoy pleasant temperatures and regular rain showers, this book will take you to American places that seem much like Britain without the long flights.

Top US Cities with Weather Similar to the UK

Top US Cities with Weather Similar to the UK

The vast US may surprise you with hidden gems mirroring the UK's comfortable climate. Across the country, several cities boast cool, rainy summers and mild winters, perfect for those who enjoy escaping extremes.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR, Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon, is a haven for those seeking a climate similar to the UK's. The city is known for its rainy, cold winters, with typical highs in January in the pleasant 40s (about 7°C), which are ideal for warm evenings spent by the fireplace sipping a cup of cocoa.

Summers bring a welcome change with mild temperatures, averaging highs in July in the low 80s (around 27°C). Rain is a constant companion throughout the year in Portland, with the wettest months being December and January.

So be sure to pack your raincoat and prepare for refreshing showers that keep this region lush and green. With its signature drizzly winters and temperate summers, Portland personifies the quintessential British climate experience on American soil.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, another Pacific Northwest gem, shares a similar climate to Portland's.  Think of it as Portland's slightly wetter cousin.

While summers boast similar mild temperatures with July highs averaging in the low 80s (around 27°C), Seattle receives a bit more rain throughout the year, averaging around 38 inches (96 cm) annually. 

Don't be discouraged; the frequent drizzle and fog contribute to a refreshing summer experience.  Winters in Seattle are cool and damp, with highs in January averaging in the mid-40s (around 7°C). 

If you revel in the verdant landscapes and picturesque greenery the United Kingdom is renowned for, Seattle will undoubtedly captivate you. The city's consistent rainfall creates an environment ideal for the growth and flourishing of lush evergreen forests, which encircle Seattle like a vibrant emerald necklace.

Ryan Place, Fort Worth, Texas

Ryan Place, Fort Worth, Texas

Texas might conjure up images of scorching summers, but Ryan Place, Fort Worth, offers a surprising twist. Sure, summers get warm, with average highs in July reaching the upper 90s (around 35°C).

However, the winters are milder than the UK's, with highs in January averaging in the mid-40s (around 7°C). Plus, the winds tend to be calmer here than other parts of Texas, offering some respite on those warm days.

The spring and fall receive the most rainfall, while the summers are largely dry. This unique climate might appeal to you if you enjoy warm weather without the unrelenting heat Texas is famous for. To learn more about this charming neighborhood, check out this ultimate guide to Ryan Place.

Overall, if you're looking for an American city with a climate akin to Britain's, Ryan Place's hot summers and mild, damp winters may be just the ticket.

San Francisco, California

The coastal city of San Francisco is renowned for its foggy skies and mild, temperate climate year-round - extremely reminiscent of the UK's weather patterns. Summer days here are often overcast, with chilly winds whipping off the Pacific Ocean, keeping high temperatures in the 60s.

The warmest months of September and October provide a sunny respite, with average highs reaching the low 70s. When winter rolls around, San Francisco cools considerably, with highs in the mid-50s and lows dipping into the 40s.

However, the city sees fairly light rainfall compared to Britain, with most precipitation between November and March. With its lack of extreme temperatures, persistent coastal fog, and tight range of seasonal variance, San Francisco's weather could easily be mistaken for an English town.

Burlington, Vermont

Tucked away in the Green Mountain State of Vermont, Burlington offers a delightful taste of British-esque weather in the US. This charming New England city experiences four vividly distinct seasons, like the UK.

Winters are frigid affairs, with hefty snowfall and bone-chilling temperatures that routinely dip below freezing. Once spring arrives in April, milder conditions prevail, with abundant rain showers and highs climbing into the 50s and 60s.

The summer months of June through August, with their highs in the 70s and 80s and usually bright skies, offer a revitalizing dose of warmth.

However, the hot spells are tempered by Vermont's high elevation and proximity to Lake Champlain. By fall, crisp air and colorful foliage return as temperatures mellow out between the 40s and 60s until winter's chill sets in again.

With its seasonal shifts and stretches of drizzly, overcast weather, Burlington captures that quintessential British climate quite nicely on this side of the Atlantic.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket, Massachusetts

For an idyllic island escape with UK-like weather, you can't beat Nantucket, Massachusetts. This tiny New England haven enjoys a cool maritime climate influenced by crashing Atlantic Ocean waves.

You'll also delight in Nantucket's pleasantly warm yet tempered summers, with highs typically topping out in the mid-70s thanks to steady ocean breezes. Mornings and evenings can be delightfully brisk.

Once autumn sets in, you'll experience a definite chill as temperatures drop into the 40s and 50s. The winter months of December through February are outright cold, hovering in the 30s and 40s with a constant threat of snow showers and rough winds whipping in off the sea.

While precipitation levels are relatively modest, you'll still get that classic British dreariness. As spring arrives, temperatures gradually rebound to pleasant levels once more.


So, dump the long flight and discover your very own slice of UK weather in the US! From the evergreen beauty of the Pacific Northwest to the distinct seasons of New England, these cities offer a delightful escape from weather extremes.

Pack for refreshing showers and cozy evenings, and get ready to experience the charm of the UK right here in the US.

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