What Does Leasehold Property Mean

What Does Leasehold Property Mean

04 May 2021


It is a valid issue that property is a desirable thing for a man. And making some property is one of the significant dreams in a man's lifetime. We all try to make a certain amount of property whether it is land, or a car, or a house, etc. But a leasehold property is a special categorized asset that is yours but not yours wholly. That’s why it is essential to be aware of the leasehold meaning

Because against a certain amount of property the leaseholder or the landlord may take a handsome amount. But the property will not be sold, it will just remain under your custody for a long term. The term may be as long as forty years, or more that, even may long up to 99 years in some cases. 

So most of the people want to make their property where the deal will be for one time and the asset will remain for his or her without fail. So we will give stress on such relevant prongs that are directly attached to the facts and myths of leasehold properties.

The Actual Logic and The Myths- Why Leasehold Properties Are Less Desirable?

1. Financing Organizations Favor Freehold Assets: 

All of us will surely go to a financing organization or a bank for the purchase of a property or have the legal right on a leasehold. But there I frequently thinking among us that buying a leasehold property is fewer priorities by the financing group. But this is not a fact. Owing to the fact the financing organization why would have any priority about your choice of property? 

But surely keeping the risk factor in mind they may impose some additional terms on your loan application. Generally, the considerations depend on the longevity of the contract. If it is for forty years or less than that then the bank or the financing group may not make much investigation. If the period would be larger then there is a probability of deep investigation. 

2. Freeholds Are Permanent Properties: 

Of course, freeholds are the property that will remain yours even after your life, and then it would be under the custody of your nominee. But it is not valid in all aspects. Because all the lands are after all under the national property. 

If there will arise any national demand against your freehold assets such as the making of a highway or something like that for the sake of the national purpose then your asset will be ceased by the nation for sure. 

This land reacquisition act allows the nation to this type of work if it is a nation’s priority. For such a course of action, the nation will provide a good compensation but will not feel any difference between leasehold and freehold. Therefore, choose between having all the possible prongs in your mind.

3. The State Government Has the Authority to Refuse Your Renewal: 

One of the disadvantages of buying leasehold property is that there is no guarantee that after a renewal process it will remain under you like before. When the tenure of the first phase will disclose then might be the law of the concerning state regarding property has already been changed in many spectrums. 

Owing to the fact it is the truth that the concerned state has all the strength to the all properties whether it is freehold or leasehold. That's why the state will always possess the fundamental right concerning the renewal or the changes in terms of the leasehold properties.

4. This Is A Time Taking Proceeding: 

This is a valid prong for sure. Of course, purchasing a leasehold asset will be much more time taking. One may question that is my house freehold or leasehold? Well! It depends on the contract that you are making with the previous owner or the landlord. So make real research before you purchase a property. 

If the query is about the period of the ownership procedure then we may say that in the cases of freehold properties the entire proceeding will take one to one and half months to complete. 

But if it is a case of leasehold property then it might take more than seven consistent months for sure. This is because there are many steps to complete before the legal authority and the landlord will deliver the key of the asset to you.

5. A Leasehold High-Rise That Has Reached The End Of Its 99-Year Lease Is No Longer Secure To Live In: 

Here is the real definition of leasehold meaning that refers that the property that has the renewal option is called leasehold asset. Otherwise, there is a common fear among the leaseholders that they might be deprived of their property at the time of high-rise at the asset area. 

It is quite true to some extent. Because there is no guarantee that after 99 years when the proceeding of the high-rise will start then the legal term will remain as it is as the property gaining time. 

Though that's not mean that you will be entirely deprived, still you have to make some moves to cover up the newly initiated steps at the legal spectrum of the concerning state where the leasehold property is situated.

6. Leasehold Assets Are Cost-Effective Than Freeholds: 

Most people usually prefer freehold because freehold property can always ensure that these properties always carry maximum premium than leasehold property. Besides that, if somebody searching for something with a good value then that person should go with the first one. 

In market value both the properties are the same basically, there is no difference between freehold and leasehold property. Buying a leasehold property and freehold property same. But if you want to stay then you should know about your criteria what exactly you are looking for.

What Does Leasehold Property Meaning? 

It is a very common experience to notice the word “Leasehold” in various documents involved in the booking of a particular property. Hence the person must be clear about the leasehold meaning before you set out to buy or rent a house. The leasehold is a term that can be defined as the lease to a particular property that the owner can access within a particular period. 

The tenant usually in this case asks for a particular property or an asset as rent from the owner. In return, certain payment methods are scheduled to cover the period. The person who has taken a lease does not own the property or the land on which they are supposed to reside. The owner usually fixes the time according to various criteria.

What to Check Before Buying A Leasehold Property? 

Every leasehold flat consists of a lease agreement that defines the period within which the freeholder has the right to buy the property. You must check the lease documents carefully and sign the desired paperwork. Here are some factors that every freeholder must inspect for buying a leasehold property:

The Number of Years: The time of the lease plays a major role in deciding the overall value of the property. Hence you must do all the research about this factor. 

Ease of Extension: According to the law the term of extension of the lease can be fixated after the person has owned the property for at least 2 years. The process of extending the lease can also be lengthy in some cases. Make sure that the conditions meet your situation before you buy the particular property.

Ground Rent: The freeholders need to pay a fixed amount of ground rent. These may vary with time and other conditions. Hence you must check out the rent as it may cause serious problems in the later stages.

Permissions: Before setting out to live within a property, the person must check out the restrictions imposed on them. 

How Does A Leasehold Property Work?

To gain the right to stay within a lease, the freeholder must negotiate a certified document with the owner. It will contain the basic details related to the period of stay, rent agreement, and so on. The person must also understand what the responsibilities that must be carried out effectively are. The well-being of the house is very much important for the freeholder to stay without any issues. 

If the owner sees that the property is not being maintained, he or she has the right to protest against the freeholder. There are various leasehold estates whose job is to find you the best leases within a particular area.

The most important advantage of staying in a leasehold property is that you will have the option to choose how you will pay the rent. You will get a much longer period to complete all the payments that are required to be done. In addition to this, the freeholder gets the option to re-innovate and change various perspectives of the property as well. 

However, if the terms and conditions of the contract are not met, the owner has the right to take away the lease at any time. That is why the period must be stipulated effectively for avoiding such consequences. 

What Is the Difference Between Leasehold and Freehold Property?

Here are some major differences between leasehold and freehold property that every person must know before they rent a place:-

  • The leasehold property defines the lessee as the original owner of the property. Thus the number of restrictions will be more and the person must live according to the fixed right.

  • In a freehold property, the person who rents the place gets all the advantages and rights once they settle in the place. They can make changes and use the property as they wish to once they get full control.

  • The period is usually fixed for a person staying in a lease. Hence the person has to leave the property once the contract gets over. However, a freeholder is not bounded by any kind of contract. They can own the property as long as they want.

  • The payment can automatically as the period of the lease increases. However, a freeholder does not have to pay extra as it is carried out in bulk. The categories of rent available within a leased property are varying such as the maintenance fees, ground rent, and so on. A freeholder has to pay rent only to the house owner. 

Is My House Freehold or Leasehold?

The fact that whether your house is a freehold or leasehold depends completely on the particular deeds. If you are the owner of your house and it contains a lease, then automatically you are a leaseholder. In every case a leaseholder gets a particular lease document at the time it was made. Before asking “is my house freehold or leasehold”, you can try out the land registry website.

Search for the specific entry of your house to get all the details and terms in a documented form. Online websites will contain all the information related to your property that is present with the government. Knowing these terms accurately is very important before you make plans on renting out your property. 

Nowadays many homeowners complain regarding the fact that they were never told the exact status of their house. Try to avoid such cases and be clear with what your property means.

Major Disadvantages of Buying A Leasehold Property

Some of the major disadvantages of buying leasehold property are listed as follows: -

  • The owner might charge extra service charges to maintain several aspects of the property such as the lawn, lift, amenities, and so on. Thus the prices may vary from time to time and can cause difficulties to the people living on the property. The owner will get to decide on which parts changes must be done and the amount needs to be paid accordingly.

  • Although the money is charged at a high rate, the services provided by the homeowners may not be up to the mark. Even the management agents in many cases do not provide help in this regard. Such poor services can hurt the person who stays inside the house. Some parts need to be fixed frequently which can hamper the normal activities of the members.

  • After the expiration of the lease, it is the job of the individual to approach the owner so that he may extend it. However, the owner is not bound to grand the extension of the lease. He or she can cancel your renewal according to their profits or interests. 

  • The lease can limit how you can live within the house. You need to follow several restrictions and limitations that may seem frustrating as time goes by.

Conversion of A Leasehold Property into A Freehold Property

The process of converting leasehold property into a freehold property requires the documents to be submitted. These are inspected and analyzed carefully by various departments to ensure that the property is authenticated. After that certain papers are sent to the applicants again who have to reply to them within a fixed period. 

Many individuals are requested to show their particular sale deeds related to the house as well. Lastly, the document is approved by the concerned authorities and sent to the owner at the specified address.

How Long Should A Lease Be When Buying A Flat? 

The owner of the house gets to fix the limited period of the particular lease. It is then included in the lease document along with other conditions such as rights and responsibilities. The right to extend the period of the lead can only be obtained after the person stays there for at least 2 years.

In case the lease is less than 80 years, you might have to pay an increased price to the homeowner. In usual cases, the companies provide an individual a lease that has at least 80 years present in it. For further doubts and confusion, you can contact a professional who has experience in this matter.


We all strive to acquire a certain amount of property, whether it is land, a vehicle, a home, or anything else. A leasehold land, on the other hand, is a unique commodity that is yours but not entirely yours. As a result, understanding the context of leasehold is important. Since the leaseholder or the landlord will demand a large sum in exchange for a certain amount of property. 

It is a valid point that a man's desire for property is strong. And acquiring some real estate is one of a man's most important goals in life. We all strive to acquire a certain amount of property, whether it is land, a vehicle, a home, or anything else. However, the property will not be sold; instead, it will be kept in your possession for a long time. 

The term may be as long as forty years, or even longer in some cases, up to 99 years. As a result, the majority of people want to create their own house, where the transaction will be one-time and the asset will be passed on to them forever.

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