Why Are There So Many Flies in My House

Why Are There So Many Flies in My House

23 Aug 2021

Introduction: - 

Mosquitoes and flies can be found worldwide, but they can be annoying if you notice such houseflies buzzing all-around your home. They usually find their way through windows or an unsealed crack in a window, leading to an infestation. Countless flies gathered in your house can be a nuisance. 

You cannot ignore them as they contaminate foods and carry infectious microorganisms to all house parts. They cannot be restricted to some areas as they'll fly to every section of the house in search of food. It may be leftover crumbs, your dinner uncovered pet food, or waste bins.

In this article, we will know Why Are There So Many Flies in My House?

Key facts - 

  • A single fly may not be a big deal, but it can lay approximately 100 eggs five or six times a day, and its number can grow in hundreds in a very short period.

  • The female fly lays eggs on anything that serves as food to her larvae when they hatch 12-24 later. 

  • The eggs are writhing whitish and are called larvae.

The first step to see if these flies have invaded your house is to identify if the eggs have been laid or not. One can find these eggs in uncovered pet food and food waste bins. It seems very frustrating and stressful if you see flies roaming everywhere in your house. 

Also, it can cause serious health issues and are considered harmful. After spraying insect killer in your house, you may see no flies, but after the effect of the sprays are gone, flies reappear.

So, what will be the possible solution for such an infestation? 

Five Things Your House Is Infested from House Flies

Some reasons for infestations of flies in your house. 

1. You Might Get Tricked By Their Short Life: - 

Although flies and bugs are tiny creatures, sometimes considered harmless, a housefly has a very short lifetime, and its infestation in the house can be dangerous. Seeing one or two flies is normal, but numerous in the house suddenly indicates something is happening in your house that attracts so many flies. 

You may assume there will be no trouble getting rid of house fleas and other flies, but in reality, it can be a long process as re-infestations happens. If you think that the flies will be gone after spraying insecticides, it may not happen, and then you may have to get professional pest control services at your premises.

2. Warm Environment Their Survival: - 

An adult house fly lays eggs in a typical warm and humid climatic condition that supports larva growth and nourishes them to survive. Since warm conditions promote a fly infestation in the house, you need to install an in-house temperature control system to stop it.

3. Adult House Flies Breed Very Fast: - 

First of all, you can try to get rid of house flies by spraying insect and fly killer spray. However, the effect of sprays may not stay longer. So if your problem is not solved, you need to opt for alternative methods. Also, if you see lots of flies in the house suddenly roaming every room of your house, you may have to get professional help.

4. House Fly Prefers Rotten Stuff: - 

An adult house fly lays eggs in filthy areas, where the larva can grow easily. House fly dwells over garbage, rotten foodstuffs and dirty places. Hot and humid weather and dirty area are the most favourable dwelling spots that aid in the rapid germination of house fly larva. Identifying the areas where eggs are laid is the first step towards restraining infestation. 

Food dropped behind or down the sides of tables, cupboards, or drawers make great breeding sites. So, even if your house is cleaned and if the house is surrounded by dirt or garbage, house flies will target your house as they get shelter in such places, and they can easily spread in such areas.

You may have to enhance the cleanliness in your house and outside, to stop the growth of flies. You need to know how to get rid of flies in the house quickly to avoid health risks.

5. Lay Eggs near Your Foods: - 

Such tiny pests are very harmful as they roam on the surface of garbage, rotten items, open drains, and dirt, and they may be hatching eggs on your foodstuffs. They can lay eggs within a fraction of seconds. Therefore, if the garbage disposal is not proper, it may attract house fly to the rotten smell of the garbage. And soon, your house will become a safe dwelling ground for thousands of house flies.

How To Get Rid of House Flies' Infestation?

Here are some ways you can curb the spread of flies in your house: 

Clean –

Watch where the flies are landing and clean the area. If you come across maggots, clean them by sweeping them up and disposing of all of them outside or putting them in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Maggots move into the smallest cracks and holes to grow into adult flies. 

Close The Gaps: - 

Flies usually enter the house via gaps or through open doors or windows. Make sure you close the windows properly. Buy nets that you can stick to your windows. You can use sticky straps and place them at the entrance points to restrict the entry of such harmful insects.

Putting House Plants: -

Some plants like the Venus flytrap can prevent flies from entering your place. These plants can kill insects and stop their growth. In addition, some of these plants contain flowers and essential oils that act as a repellent to the flies. 

Apply insecticides- 

For better effect, buy a good insecticide like Pyrethrum.

Traps: - 

One of the simplest ways to stop fly infestation at a house is using light traps that contain compartments with lights to distract the flies when they try to enter. If it is a strong one, it can also kill them directly. You can also create a small hole in a room full of flies. They go out through the path where there is maximum light. 

Vinegar – 

You can boil vinegar in a saucepan and leave the window open to fly them away. It is because vinegar's odour acts as a strong repellant. 

You can bait adult flies using several pest control methods, whichever method you use, dispose of the dead fly and clean the area.

How To Keep Flies Out of Your House?

Herbs are a great way to stop flies. Flies usually don't like places with too many flowers and plants. So try to keep flowers pots in areas where you see such insects. Flies don't like the odour of fresh mint, cloves, eucalyptus, or lavender, so you could make some potpourri sachets and hang them in places where the flies are coming in. 

You can also use onions to make the sachets if you can handle the smell. In the same way, you can apply vinegar or soap to trap and ultimately kill them.

You may even get swatters online. These are electric equipment that kills flies instantly. You can use them to kill, but they cannot control the birth of new ones. 

To limit the growth of flies, you need to wash and clean every part of your house. Don't keep garbage and food in the open for a long time. Rotten items attract flies more than anything else. If you see many flies in your house, suddenly spray insect repellents on them. 

What Causes a Lot of Flies in The House?

  • Even though they have a very short life span, they can multiply rapidly. 

  • Some climatic conditions sustain their multiplication. 

  • Open garbage disposal near your house supports their survival and growth. 

  • Waterlogged regions, drain and openly available foods (like the food offered to pets) can attract them. 

  • During rainy seasons you can see flies buzzing around all over the place. In case you have dead animals or birds in your garden, you will see flies in the house all of a sudden

  • Even rotting fruits on trees and animal faeces attract them. Such deposits are carried by the flies that ultimately transfer the germs into the food and contaminate it. 

Why You Should Get Rid of Flies?

You can notice flies sitting on dirty objects in the garden or house. They transfer the microbes from decaying garbage to the food items people keep in the open. They usually tend to sit on your body as it has more heat. They don't bite but are the prime carriers of many disease-causing germs. They can cause severe health issues to you and the people living in the neighbourhood. 

Besides, each day they lay hundreds of eggs. Some such organisms even enter your body and thrive in it. 

Typhoid fever is one of the most common diseases caused by flies, leading to fever, headaches, and vomiting. If the condition of the patient deteriorates, it can be fatal. Besides, flies carry microbes that can hit metabolism and damage the functions of the intestines causing gastrointestinal difficulties. 

It can happen when they transfer the germs from clogged waters and other regions into the body of humans. In addition, you can suffer from diseases like dysentery and cholera due to contaminated food and water ingestion. Thus it is very important to clean all the parts of your house to prevent house fly infestation.

How Do Flies Get in The House?

Usually, flies enter through the doors and windows at a specific time of the day. But they may enter even when the doors are locked through small cracks. They sit on dirty areas or rotten foods. 

Improper sanitation and clogged toilets can attract it. In summer, rotten fruits on trees serve as suitable dwelling ground. Once the fruits fall on the ground, you can see flies all over it. 

Conclusion: - 

Like other bugs and insects, house fly infestation can be annoying and troublesome as it brings many infectious diseases. To prevent insect invasion, you should take the necessary steps like cleaning and using insecticides in certain infestation prone areas of the house. 

If you face any such infestation that seems impossible to eliminate, you should call pest control professionals to get rid of the problem.

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