How To Block A Buyer On eBay

How To Block A Buyer On eBay

05 Dec 2019

Websites offer multiple ways to make payments - credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers or other types of e-transactions. Such electronic transactions are conducted in many ways as the buyers pay by first committing to buy it. The action of committing and the actual transfer of funds are two different and autonomous activities, where the buyer may commit to pay but checks-out of the login session, due to delays in subsequent actions, or due to change of mind.

Even, in a successful bid, the buyer may commit to pay for the item, but later, they may not pay for it, when the auction closes. Such actions of some users create problems for the people who try to sell on the website. 

A malicious buyer can intentionally or unintentionally make the seller wait for the accepted bid to respond and then, they may seek alternative ways to make payments where they may contact other buyers with presumably low bid rates. 

How to block eBay bidder? 

It is nice to get bids for your items on eBay and it can be great to accomplish the end of transaction emails from the website which says “Yipee, you won”. At the end of an auction, the buyer makes payment through Paypal and tries to find out ways to get the shipment and block eBay bidder. The seller email gets the link that can be used to send an invoice to the buyer mentioning the Item Title, Number, Final bid / Cost, the Quantity and the User Id / Email Address, Shipping details, Checkout options, and Help / Feedback links. 

Once you get the payment – a gratitude message is sent to the customer where the method of payment, the date when the shipment will arrive and the feedback is posted. Paypal notifies the payment and sends an email of the payment received. 

Users involved in multiple purchases – calculate the postage charges and other costs to identify how much profit, they made through the transaction but the seller may not get any notification of the payment made by the buyer. They need to check the payment on Paypal to find out about the payment. 

An eBay bidder, sometimes, may not pay for their purchases and this has been a matter of concern for many users, even though, there is an Immediate Payment Required feature but some sellers do not get paid for their products and they have to file the Unpaid Item report.

eBay handles the payment through the Managed Payments method and lately, it added a new feature the Unpaid item risk management to scrutinize the background of the bidder, where it says - it can block bids, in case of, online-auctions and non-auction scenarios. 

How to block a buyer from bidding on eBay?

The new blocking feature tries to get risk assessment from the information of the buyer obtained from the site and depending on the risks; eBay limits the number of bids of the user. The user bid can be automatically blocked once the bid limit has been crossed. The limits vary depending on the item category and item price. 

One can use the pre-approving list where the bidder sends an email to the auctioneer where they claim to be part of the auction. In case, the contract is approved, they receive the emails related to it. This method is applicable only for the auction-by-auction basis. 

Sometimes, there are complaints related to the bidders where the auctioneer finds it difficult to handle the buyer – who may try to get a refund of money and the seller may have to give the money back due to the fear of getting a negative review. 

To block the user account, the auctioneer can go to the eBay account – Site preference section. In the eBay buyer requirements section - one can tick the box “Block the bidders from sending messages” on eBay. 

Can eBay Sellers Cancel Bids and Block Buyers? 

Most users do not know how the website offers seller specific services and sometimes, they participate in auctions without much consideration. The seller can use the bidder management tool where they can see ways to identify or cancel the offer of a person. Snipping is the term used for jumping in the auction and placing the bid. The first time bidders on websites like eBay may not be sure of what and how they will place the bid.

Sometimes, automatic snipers place the bid at the end when they can place the best bid. One should be cautious, while, placing their bid on the website like “You should Add the item to Watch list to get notification from eBay.” Experts advise to bid one-time and place the order later, while, keep the price competitive to get the item. 

Sometimes, users with multiple accounts bid on certain items, and the seller may be forced to cancel the auction. 

The auctioneer may get contacts that appear good at the start but he discovers negative feedbacks related to the user on accepting his bid, and the auctioneer may realize that they have contacted a wrong buyer where they may have to cancel the auction. 

In such conditions, they may have to explain or email the person placing the bid to tell them why they are not getting the auction, and it is necessary to give legitimate reasons for closing or canceling the auction like “you no longer wish to sell”, or “there were some errors in the auction listing” or “the item got damaged” etc. 

The unsold items may be added to the Relist link where one can benefit from a listing fee refund if the item is placed for auction for the second time. Cancelation appears in history and one may be forced to relist the same item that starts the auction all over again.

eBay buyer requirements offer the blocklists where someone who has been blocked by the auctioneer cannot place a bid. One can block by visiting the Help and Contact section on the website and then block the Buyer’s name on the list, while, you can reinstate the bidder by deleting the User Id from the list.

Can blocked eBay buyers send messages? 

Sometimes, the people who commit to give higher prices do not respond after accepting the bid, by the time, the seller winds up all the other requests and may not even contact a better buyer. Sometimes, in a rush to sell they accept lower bids. 

If you do not want to get any messages from a user, you need to add the contact in the blocked list.

 Even in case of blocking there is no way to exclude the user completely and the buyer can contact the auctioneer if they have previously messaged you, or through the contact member link which is given in the feedback profile page. 

What happens when you block someone on eBay?

The buyers, who do not respond to the inquiries or don’t pay for the items, are categorized for violating the norms and they can be restricted for violating. eBay buyer requirements have the policy to restrict bidders if the seller has blocked the buyer. This is called the BBL policy that targets unwelcome or malicious buying practices on the site. 

There are multiple reasons for the seller to block a bidder. The guidelines state – “You are not allowed” where one cannot buy items to disrupt the listing, and in such conditions, the bidder cannot place a bid.

eBay buyer requirements 

  • The buyer is not allowed to claim the item not received when there is proof of delivery to the address on the Order details page. 
  • Also, the buyer cannot return the item other than the original. 
  • They cannot damage and then return or they cannot say the item was not described accurately if it was previously described by the auctioneer. 

eBay buyer requirements related to blocking- 

  1. The buyer cannot place a bid on the sale when the bid value is too high in comparison to the value of the item – where the buyer by mistake posts the value, or he intentionally tries to disrupt the sale, where he has no intention to buy. 
  2. The buyer cannot bid on multiple items listed in the seller list unless they are intended to buy all the items mentioned in the list.
  3. One cannot use the secondary account to buy, especially, if you are a blocked bidder.

 Can eBay sellers block buyers? 

The seller may use BBL provision, where they can find the buyers who have been restricted by the website, but, sometimes, such lists are of no use, where the purchaser uses another ID or creates a new account to bid. The users having multiple accounts may remain active even after listing in blocked.

How to block a buyer on eBay app?

The app is available for Androids and iOS. To block another member from contacting and bidding, one can check the buyer preference and tick the block messages box, where one can choose up to 5000 names on the list auction.

How to block a buyer from bidding on eBay? 

One can set up and submit the user names and set up - Selling preferences on My eBay where specific criteria can be selected to block buyers from certain countries or regions or postcodes. One can go to the Block Bidders/buyers section for the listing page and How To Block A Buyer On eBay.

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