International buyers examining home markets against UK

hamilton international estates International buyers examining home markets against UK

24 Oct 2018

International buyers

Property buyers and high net worth individuals from Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand seek overseas property and some investment organizations are helping such buyers in the foreign markets. Buyers from Hong Kong and China are optimistic of UK property supported by softening currency, falling stocks, the rise in borrowing costs and new opportunities.  These buyers mostly go for Australian or UK property. Australian investment requires one to pay vacancy fees, application fees and one has to undergo the process of allotment as per quotas. Cities such as Bangkok and Tokyo are already offering high priced properties.  The UK offers reliable property and many Asian visitors to the country see potential in the market.  

Asian buyers in Manchester and Liverpool

The UK offers attractive long-term rental yields up to 3 percent and also opportunities for children education. Rich buyers from Asia believe one can trust UK property markets as compared to other regions. Manchester and Liverpool are the fastest growing cities in Europe, where the population grew up to 572,000. Growth in real estate in Liverpool was recorded at the rate of 7.5 percent, while, the prices still remain at £120,100. The city is seen as buy-to-let capital due to superior offers.

Manchester offers growth at 6.8 percent and in the last few years, the business opportunities grew more than 3 times as compared to the national average. Manchester property growth is highly strong where about 40 percent of the total population holds a degree. A report published by the State of the City claims the number of active businesses grew in the city at the rate of 18 percent in 2015-2016. At least 69 percent of the university graduates stay back in the city to start their career and up to 36 percent return to the city for further studies.

September markets

In September, the housing prices grew in the UK at a rate of 1 percent. Markets offer opportunities for the first time buyers to get the desired deal. On average, smaller property and two bedrooms buy-to-let take 58 days to sell across all areas. Higher tax i.e. increase in stamp duties and politico-economic concerns have been responsible for low response in some areas, where the data claims, the landlords are happy as the new buyers or buy to let mortgage approvals reduced 14 percent in the current year, and by 50 percent in the last 3 years.  From April 2019, the overseas investors will have to pay CGT up to 9 percent from the profits earned through the sale of commercial properties.

Buyers are driven by volatile stock markets and low buyers sentiments, while, international buyers exploring high growth foreign regions are seeking property in the UK. Currently, the asking prices are low by 30 percent in certain property markets. Manchester is one of the key growing regions with highest yields where the report by found a 200 percent increase in demand in August this year as compared to last years. Emoov figures find the demand for UK property increased 39 percent in Q3 amidst overseas buyers were the increase was 6 percent y-o-y.

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