How to make money in real estate

How to make money in real estate

04 Sep 2020

Whenever we talk about investment with good returns many options come into the mind which includes Gold, Bank Deposit, Real Estate, Equity moreover Government/corporate Bonds, etc.

Every investment has some pros and cons. While preparing finance, the two most important things are "Value of Money and Risk involved". In this situation, real estate is doing impartially well from the last many years in India and around the world.

Go to any city/town or even communities, you will see development going on in every season. This demonstrates the significance of real estate in our life and it also shows it as a tool of investment. You can invest for two purposes.


While rental investment, an individual invests in additional rent the property. In this situation, the property will remain in your name, but you can get monthly/quarterly income from rent. It is regarded as the safest option. However, it is advisable to do this sort of investment in a busy market area or well defined residential area. Putting money for rent in some outer area, will not lead to the desired result.

Capital Gain

It is simply putting money for further selling out. An individual purchases it and sell it to someone else by having some profit. That profit is called a capital gain. It is marked as a risky investment. Suppose you purchase a property at high worth, but due to any macro or micro reason you are unable to sell at the right price. It may lead to a loss. Time plays a good factor in investment. Keep your time horizon long to get the highest.

Some of the ways to make money without investing as follows:-

1. Clubbing different properties together

This sort of option is available in the unorganized area where there is not a single owner. Here different owner owns diffident property or flats. Contact to the entire owner, and make a contract with them to clubs all flats together and to sell it as a whole. After making a contract, look for a big investor, who can purchase the whole things clubbed together. In this case, you may earn money as a commission or as an upfront reward. This is beneficial to your old owners, new owners, and you too.

2. Working as a commission agent

This is a booming option. Go to any city, and you will see various numbers of shops labeled as a property dealer. Nowadays, people are not having much time to look for a place to purchase or take on rent. Here the roles of commission agents come. He/she can make money by just helping buyers and seller or Property owner and renter.

3. Rent spare space in your own home

Many people reside at more space than they required. In case you too have a big house or shop, you may put the spare area on rent. In this way, without putting any money, you will get monthly income. This is popular among general people living in the towns.

How to make money in real estate by investing:-

These are the ways to make more money if you have cash in hand:-

1. Refurbished the property

This is one of the best options. In case you are unable to get the well-profited price, then put some more money and refurbished it. It may fetch good money for you.

2. Gain some basic Knowledge

Knowledge is power. So here are some suggestions if you have to invest:-

  • Never invest all your money in a single property located at a single location. Diversified your investment.

  • All eggs should not be put in an individual basket; money should also be invested in some other options specified above.

  • Always look for the authentic document while putting money. The property must be registered under the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of the concerned states. Also, environment clearance and genuine property documents should be checked.

  • Look for the opportunity: - One simple mantra for getting good return: Ride against the tide. When the market is down purchase as in that case you will get genuine property in less money. Then look for opportunity and when the market is up, you may simply sell it.

How to make money in real estate?

Unlike any other industry, Real estate has proved to be one of the valuable sources of making wealth these days. However, people are still unaware of the benefits of entering this industry.

Many people think that some amount of capital is required to enter this field. However, this is not the case always. It is possible to make money in real estate even if you are just a beginner in it.

If you are clear about what you are doing, it becomes easier. Here is the solution to your question "How to make money in real estate?"

  • You can start without any credit. If you are dedicated enough, there are many ways that you can try out. There are examples of successful investors in real estate who have started mostly with lower credit or even with no credit.

  • The best way to make money in real estate is by comprehending the value of a property.

  • Location, improvements, and developments are ways to increase the value of any assets.

  • Earning money from the rents of the resident is another best way to make wealth.

How to make money in commercial real estate?

If you wondering about how to make money in real estate investing commercially, then here is how you can do it. This can be one of the best investments one can do to earn maximum profit. Medical centers, office buildings, malls, hotels, are some of the commercial real estate's where you can invest.

Here, we are going to provide a list of suggestions that will help you with "How to make money in real estate investing commercially".

  • Purchase small apartment buildings jointly with other investors.

  • You can buy shares that are of public traded REITs.

  • Purchasing properties that are being auctioned can be the best investment.

  • Try being a hard lender of money.

Investing in commercial real estate investing requires more expertise, capital, and time that most of the investors do not have. But with the number of investment options that include Fundraise can make it more comfortable for the investors to invest commercially.

How to make money in real estate rentals?

Whenever we have an old property, we make the mistake by selling it on the market price. This old house can be easily renovated for rental purposes. As your landlord, you can make enough money just by providing the rental services at your residence.

If you search, some families shift from place to place for a job or any other purpose. And, they don't prefer purchasing any resident permanently, then renting a house for a few months or years. Therefore, this is one of the wise investments that you can try out. Here are four simple stages that will be the answer to "How to make money in real estate rentals".

Cash flow is the primary medium for making money with rental property. As an example, let us consider that you have purchased a house for $200,000 and then you have provided to someone as rent for $1,500 in a month. Now, if the interest charge you get is good along with the down payment, then your income would be about $985 a month.

Appreciation A property appreciation is done based on the dependency of the local factors. And, this gradually increases the value of any property to get a good rent. This is exactly what you are suggested to do. Appreciate your property highlighting the pros of staying and other additional benefits that one can get.


How much money do real estate agents make?

As real estate is the booming industry these days, most people choose to be real estate agents. And a majority of them are commission-based agents. This indicates that the maximum income that they earn is when they sell any property r house. Generally, when someone decides to sell a house through any real estate agent, he or she has to pay 5-6% commission upon the decided selling price of the house.

The decided commission is then divided between the buying and selling agent.

Finally, they settle down with an agreement where both parties can earn at least 3% commission.

However, there is a higher chance that the commission is further split and not just limited among the buyer and seller. The broken also can demand commission.

The other expenses such as professional association fees, advertising expenses, sings, etc are done by the Real estate agents on their own. Therefore, it can be said that if you implement things properly then, there is a high chance that you can earn a good amount as a real estate agent.

How to make money by buying houses?

While starting for real estate business several questions can strike in your mind among which one is how to make money in real estate investing by buying houses? Well, first of all, the real estate business can be risky and at the same time provides much profit. Therefore, you should be careful about how you are investing.

Primarily, there are three ways to make money with real estate property: renovating or building a property, purchasing one, and renting it out or indirect investment in a property.

The first two options are a bit tough as it demands a lot of work along with money to generate a good amount of profit. However, if you have some sort of known sources in construction might help you in decreasing the cost in this case. But, it cannot be denied that renovating a property will not provide you with instant profit.

First, you have to think and plan, then get it approved, finds contractors and suppliers with whom you can work. Therefore, the best option is to purchase a property and rent it. This option does not require any extra workloads. Just be specific about the paperwork while you rent the house to someone.

How to invest in real estate with little money?

Nowadays, as real estate requires a very little amount of money to invest and large in terms of profit, many people are interested to invest their money in this field. There are more than enough ways are available to invest in real estate with a little amount of money. That includes,

Money Mortgage Buying

Seller financing or Money Mortgage buying is considered as the best way to invest in real estate with no money. If any buyers fail to get a loan from banks or any financial organizations, a buyer can easily get that money from a seller to invest in real estate. To become an owner of the property, buyers will give money to the seller through conventional real estate deals.

Lease option for Investing In Real Estate with less money

Another excellent way to invest in real estate is the option of a Lease. In this case, buyers have to pay high rental charges on a monthly or yearly basis to become an owner of the property. If the buyer fails to pay any rental fees, that excessive rental charges will be added along with the purchase amount. By accepting all these terms and conditions, an investor can buy or lease investment in real estate.

Lending Hard Money in Real Estate

Whether it comes to talk about invest money in real estate, Hard Money Lending is a good instant option to get a loan via various fund sources including individual private sectors or investment groups as well. An investor doesn't require any kind of corporate verification or special approval to get these loans. Very few qualifications need to approve it.

Microloans for Startups or Newly Formed Businesses

Nowadays, several fund options or named as microloans are available in the market for real estate investing. Although microloans are specially formed to provide funds for newly formed businesses or startups. To get these microloans, a buyer needs to show their resources by which they prove to claim future growth. The amount offers in microloans are quite lesser than other traditional fund sources.

Forming Partnerships in Real Estate Investments

Forming partnerships in real estate is a very convenient and worthwhile deal. In terms of getting a property which price is too higher to buy for a single investor, under the circumstances with the help of equity partners may cut off the price point conveniently.

Rental Leasing as an Agent

If you have a very little amount of money to start investing in real estate, leasing as an agent will be a great opportunity to gather experience from a startup or low entry point. To become an agent you need to know about, how much money do real estate agents make? It completely depends on the leasing property along with its value. The average earnings of a leasing agent are varied between below $23,130 to $109,490. Before start working, an agent requires a state-approved certificate. Compared to an authorized license through full-blown real estate, it is much easier to get.

Why do invest in real estate?

An investor invests their money in real estate for various profitable reasons. They make a good income through the properties that they are leasing along with appreciation as well as business profits.

With the help of "REITs" or Real estate investment trusts, anyone can easily invest in real estate without financing, operating, as well as owning a property.

Real Estate Leverage, Stable Cash flow, Advantages in a Tax Deduction, Diversification Portfolio, etc are the usual benefits of real estate investments. Apart from these, a few more key benefits are also available to reinvest in real estate including

Inflation Hedge

With the strategy of long-term real estate investment, the value of your asset or properties increasing overtime simultaneously with the inflation. This may help to secure your overall wealth as well as the living standard.

Wealth as well as Equity

While you purchasing a property or mortgage and get the ownership of your mortgage, therefore it will be an asset or equity for your future and overall net worth. Here an investor gets full of freedom and leverage as well to purchase more mortgages. As the equity builds more, the overall income as well as wealth increasing more effectively.

Renewable Source of Wealth or Money making as well as the Capital

Real estate investors get several options for refinancing. To build a capital, investing in real estate gives you a renewable source of wealth or money-making.

How to make money investing in real estate

Money making through real estate becoming quite popular these days. Before investing in real estate, you necessitate knowing properly about how to make money through this field. An investor needs the right dedication and focused mindset to make money. Some of the most reliable methods are given below.

  • Appreciation is the key pathway to make money and became wealthy through real estate investing. A rise in the valuation of the property can be remarkable when you will sell it. Such primary ways like improvements, development, and location can be appreciated by the commercial as well as residential real estate.

  • Inflation plays a vital role to enhance the overall valuation of any properties over time.

  • Moreover, investors can make a lot of money from the rentals. In that case, they need to know more about, how to make money in real estate rentals? By leasing your commercial or residential properties to any company. Such companies will pay an investor a sufficient amount of rents as the form of royalties. Thereby an investor will earn a lot of income from rentals in real estate. As an example, many oil or mineral industries take a lease of any properties.

  • There are a few great alternatives available for investing in a particular sector of real estate. That includes Real Estate Investment Groups (REITs), Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs), Real estate investment trusts (REITs), and mortgage-backed securities (MBSs).

So, it shows that making money in this sector is not that difficult if you have some primary knowledge and determination to work hard.

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