What Is A Trap House

what is a trap house

19 Dec 2019

A trap house is a place where people go to buy drugs. It is a place rented by the main person or a group of people who are involved in the business of illegal drug deals. The person running the house handles the sales and they also maintain surveillance to see if the police are coming for a raid. 

It is a perilous place involving illegal activities and weaponry, while, some people may target the area to rob it.

Trap House Meaning

A trap house, also known as a trap spot or trap pad, is a location where illegal drugs are sold and consumed. The term "trap" refers to the idea that the location is a "trap" for individuals who become caught up in the cycle of drug addiction and criminal activity.

Trap houses are often located in low-income, urban areas and are known for their association with gang activity and violence. They are typically run by drug dealers who sell a variety of illegal substances, such as crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

The individuals who frequent trap houses are often struggling with drug addiction and may engage in criminal activity to support their habit. They may also be at risk for physical harm, as trap houses are often targeted by law enforcement and rival gangs.

The term "trap" in reference to trap houses is also a metaphor for the trap that drug addiction can be, as people may find themselves caught in a cycle of using, selling, and committing crimes to obtain drugs.

It's important to note that trap houses are illegal and associated with a wide range of negative social and health issues, including but not limited to drug addiction, crime, poverty, and violence.

Trap House Definition

The trap house is mostly identified by the unusual amount of traffic where people may come even in late-night hours and there can be a lot of activities happening during the weekends or on the first and third day of the month.

The place is known for playing loud music and may involve members driving oddly designed stylish cars or vehicles, with big rims on the tires. Mostly if the police come to such a place, the members may drive away.

The place can be recognized by high activity at the start of the month as the people who are addicted to drugs use their monthly wage to buy the drugs. Some trap homes have regular settings with children playing and there can be a Trap Queen who is the woman who manages the place like a regular household where even the neighbors may not be able to know that it is running illegal activities.

Should Police Demolish all of the Trap Houses?

Such trap houses should be demolished as it provides a place where many criminal-minded people get together to take part in illegal activities like drug deals, abuse, and weapon trade. Law enforcement faces a lot of challenges in such places.

They have to monitor the activities of the house regularly and when the cops arrive, it may be immediately emptied by the suspects. There are other issues with the place like public safety and investment.

What is a Trap House Queen?

A trap queen can make a living by selling drugs to other people whereas a normal citizen may never be able to recognize her as she appears to belong to the upper class and can appear highly sober. The girl can be a street smart urban resourceful and appealing, responsible for arranging the trap culture with her friends.

She is cosmopolitan and versatile and can easily mislead others to believe that she belongs to a high-class society. Many such women suffer from addiction and they can be found at recovery centers where it takes time for them to come out of the suffering of such a life. 

Why Do They Call It a Trap House?

Such homes are called trap houses because the dealer of the illicit drugs traps people in such businesses where once you are into such activities, you may find it difficult to come out of it. It can be physically and psychologically hazardous and many youngsters are attracted to the outward display of boldness of such businesses.

Many people in the area are addicts, who suffer from multiple medical conditions in the later years of their life.

Many teens are attracted to the glamour associated with such activities. There are some who target university students as they tweet “come on, join my party.” Outwardly such activities, the rap genre, and the illusion look modern and smart.

Some are attracted to the monies involved in such activities. These are places that involve a wide range of illegal activities like drug deals and human trafficking. In the state of Oregon in the US one can find a number of such abused women per capita.

Such activities involve social media platforms to attract youngsters that target girls who are vulnerable, needy, and from marginalized communities and the girl who joins it, is asked to recruit others from their own community.

What Does Trap Stand For?

Trap refers to the process of confining, where one can face a surprise attack. The attacker waits for the other to make a mistake and they are driven to the enclosure where one gets an entry but there is no exit from it. Trapping is also the term used in drug deals where it means drawing innocent people into addiction.

The term was used for hard drug dealers and originally, it was applied to people or places where the dealer could stash his / her drugs to hide from the police. Currently, they use the term flophouse for it. Parents should be cautious about such places and keep a check on their young kids who can be driven by the appeal of such a business investment.

They need to educate the kids to keep them out of danger. Many parents do not have any idea about such places. They should try to learn about it to educate the kids on staying safe.

What Does a Trap House Look Like?

Trap houses are also called the house of hell, and it is not meant for living. It provides the drug sellers with a place to supply the dope. These places can be recognized as abandoned homes regularly visited by some addicted and vulnerable people.

Sometimes, these are found in beautiful luxurious decent homes but there one can find many addicts and dealers. Sometimes, people who give their homes on rent – do not even know that they offered their homes to such traps. 

What Is a House Trap Plumbing?

The houses are designed in a manner to prevent the odors of debris to escape through the drains. It prevents the formation of clogs deep and restricts sewer gases from entering the home.

One can have a PVC trap installation service that comes with a cleanout where one can access and clean the trap. Cleaning can be a tough task involving digging and replacing leakages. It also raises health and safety concerns.

What Is the Purpose of Providing Traps in House Plumbing?

In many houses, the sewer is placed in a manner that provides no way to clean it. The traps may be clogged and can suffer from corrosion. Plumbing helps to clean it to prevent the problem. The main sewer traps are mostly attached to avert the entry of rats or snakes, and it also helps to get rid of the unwanted gases from the pipes.

What Do You Mean by The Debt Trap?

A debt trap is a financial trap. It can happen in a number of unforeseen circumstances if the interest rates of loans are very high and the person is unable to pay back on time, they may have to pay the money with the added interest and they may be obliged to pay a huge amount of late fee. 

Some of the loans are very expensive like if one writes a personal check to a lender to borrow $100, the lender may hold the check until the next payment is made. Sometimes, one may be obliged to pay 20%, which means, 120 for the late payment by one month, and if the delay extends, the annual rate can be over 500%.

This is one of the worst debt traps where a person may be forced to take another loan to pay one, and then the third, which adds to the overall financial burden. Similarly taking a loan to buy a car or a second home can lead to such conditions.

There are many such traps related to credit card payments e.g. -

  • Late payment fees - Sometimes, the rate of late payment is increased by the credit card provider where they may start with 9% charge and then it can be increased to as much as 29.99%.

  • Some creditors monitor the account and they may instantly increase the rate to penalize for late payment.

  • Some companies take additional charges for offering funds in advance, and in some conditions, if the limit is crossed – one may have to pay an additional fee.

  • Sometimes, one has to pay a charge for transferring the balance. Some creditors may charge up to 5% for transferring the balance from one to another card.

  • Some cards have very high annual fees, which can be up to $400. It is advised to take cards with no annual fee to avoid such charges.

Mortgage Refinancing

One of the worst debt traps is mortgage refinancing where the low-interest rates may tempt the owner of the home to refinance it. This is offered to people having the best credit quality. Even in conditions where a person qualifies for the low rates, there can be some costs that may require consideration.

One can ask for a detailed breakdown of the original fees and the closing costs to understand how the mortgage will be offered. Sometimes, the cost of refinancing can be very high up to $1500-$5000 – on average for a single family.

People who are trying to get a mortgage for 30 years should avoid it if the payment is to be made even after retirement. At the time of retirement, one may need extra money, and it is necessary to reduce expenses, so borrowing should be avoided.

There are some smaller short-term loans, which can lead to such debts. In such cases, one may get only half of the resale value of the thing bought on loan, and a loan for 30 to 60 days may require a person to pay 25% monthly interest.

Some financial services offered by companies like tax preparation services can charge $197 as the fee for a loan of $500.

Such services should be used cautiously and one should avoid such traps by carefully examining all the conditions mentioned in the offer.

What Is the Chapo Trap House?

Chapo trap house is a show that promotes socialism, and capitalism. Its popularity confirms the support for conservatives and libertarians. It is a leftist podcast where the hosts swear and the participants target the liberals who may get hurt over the remarks made in the show.

The group has a huge online community of fans who are accused of engaging in harassment and promotion of violence and buyers.

The show was, mainly, designed for fun but later it grew into a stage where people were expressing their points of view and they expressed their views about things, which one had not heard before. The participants said what they had desired to voice as opposition, which was supported by others having the same views.

Conclusion: Trap houses are illegal locations where drugs are sold and consumed, often associated with gang activity and violence. They are often located in low-income, urban areas, and individuals who frequent them are at risk for physical harm and drug addiction.

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