How To Pay Mortgage With Credit Card

How To Pay Mortgage With Credit Card

28 Apr 2021

Introduction: - Credit cards provide an alternative source to fund investments. It also gives greater protection than a debit card and the ability to earn rewards and bonuses. But, in many cases, paying rent or mortgage with a credit card can cost you more than it's worth. Typically, mortgage lenders don't accept credit card payments directly.

Instead, you may have to use a third-party payment processor to pay your rent or mortgage with a credit card, which means you could be charged 2% to 3%. However, certain cards allow you to charge your rent payments without a fee, and some rewards cards may help offset those fees with cashback. 

Although proceeding with a credit card for a mortgage is not that easy, if one is living under a rented roof, it is also not so convenient to pay the rent by card. So you should carefully check the pros and cons when you pay the mortgage with a credit card.

7 Most Beneficial Tips for Using Credit Cards to Pay Your Rent or Mortgage

Some of the tips for using Credit Cards to Pay Your Rent or Mortgage that might help you make decisions are given below-

1. Verify That Your Landlord or Bank Accepts Credit Cards: 

To pay a mortgage with a credit card, your landlord's bank must have the option to accept the credit card payment. Unfortunately, all the bank accounts do not have the alternative to getting a credit card payment. 

If your landlord is ready to accept credit card payments, you can pay directly into their account using the credit card. Many landlords get payment through large property management firms and have the software or apps to accept in-person or online payments.

Before using the credit card to pay rent, check with your landlord to find out if you'll have to pay some hefty fees.

You may find it difficult to get a mortgage lender who directly accepts credit card payments. Like, mortgages from Chase cannot be paid directly by credit card. Instead, the bank allows transfers from other banks. Even if your landlord does accept payments, some card issuers prohibit using them for mortgage payments. 

Moreover, some credit card networks won't process such payments through their networks. For example, Visa and American Express reportedly restrict credit but allow debit and prepaid card payments.

2. Keep an Eye Out for High-Priced Third-Party Fees: 

Several third-party companies allow using a credit card to make rent or mortgage payments. You pay the company, and it transfers the payment to the receiving party. But, such firms charge up to an average of 3% in the fee.

The high fees linked to third-party rent or mortgage payments can easily override any potential rewards with such payments. However, some credit cards offer to rent, mortgage, or online payments bonus rewards.

In the case of plastic mortgages, keep an eye on third party transactions to avoid fraudulent transactions. 

3. To Get the Most Value, Use A High-Earning Credit Card: 

You can pay your mortgage with credit card 2021 to earn cash back, travel or other credit card rewards. You may pay extra (over 2%) in processing fees for the third-party payment services.

4. A Large Signup Bonus May Be Worth the Fees: 

You may meet the spending requirement as a credit card user and get a signup bonus. Since housing payments typically constitute at least a third of most consumers' budgets, making those payments with a card can take longer. In such cases, the associated fees are outweighed by the long-term reward. Some cards routinely offer enticing signup bonuses. You need to check the most recent offers to get the benefits.

You can pay a mortgage with PayPal against your mortgage loan or rent or make debit card or credit card payments where the debit card payments are free, but credit card transactions require you to pay a 2.9 per cent fee plus $0.30 per transaction. 

5. Payments Can Be Coded As Cash Advances By Certain Issuers: 

When it comes to endowing your rental charge or mortgage loan instalment, a  third-party service provider who looks after your payment concerning the card might not be the origin bank or the lender. 

You may have to repay a large amount of cash in advance payment. It is because it will start accruing interest from the first transactions at a higher rate than regular transactions when you payoff mortgage faster-using credit card.

6. Rents and Mortgages Relevant to A Business Also Qualify: 

One of the largest business overhead is office space. It can be a leased space or a building owned by the businesses. Business owners can use third-party platforms to pay their business's rent or mortgage with their favourite business credit card. The potential limitations to business rent or mortgage payments are the same as the clients.

Many companies choose the paid mortgage with a credit card without a fee because of the durable and useful exclusive rewards points received with a transaction. Such points can be transferred to various travel partners and are especially valuable to frequent travellers.

7. Payments May Take A Long Time to Arrive: 

The payment may process and be delivered in just a few days with a certain amount of service charges. But, in other cases, you may have to wait for a week or more before your payment is processed or goes into the desired account.

How to Pay Off My Mortgage Faster Using A Credit Card?

If you want to utilize a credit card to get a mortgage, you can pay the mortgage with a credit card.

Logic Behind Using A Credit Card To Make The Monthly Payment For The Mortgage Loan:-

  • You get all the credit card points.

  • You hold on to hard cash, but the interest may increase with time.

  • You get fast money when you want to make expensive purchases like buying a property where you reimburse the mortgage amount without incurring behind-schedule payment retribution.

How to Use A Credit Card to Pay A Mortgage?  

To get a mortgage loan, you follow the steps -  

  • Check your property owner's bank to see if they accept payment through credit cards.

  • Keep a view on the third-party payment options and avoid those that are expensive.

  • The best way to lower the high fees for paying your rent or mortgage is to use the highest-earning card. 

  • Avoid cards with huge signup fees.

  • You should know that certain issuers code payments as cash advances.

  • Payments may take longer to arrive.

  • If your landlord has a PayPal account, they may allow you to pay rent or Pay mortgage with PayPal.

  • Also, you should know that Visa and American Express do not accept mortgage payments through credit cards.

How Can I Pay My Mortgage with A Credit Card?   

If you are going through the proceeding of the mortgage loan, be attentive at all stages of transactions. For example, when you apply for a mortgage, lenders examine your application for affordability to make sure you can afford the mortgage payments. In addition, they assess the monthly repayments for the debt and how it might impact your ability to repay the mortgage.

If your income is sufficient to cover the debt and the mortgage, you may find a lender willing to give you a mortgage, but if your income to debt ratio is the cause of concern, you may find your options are limited, although it doesn't mean you won't get a mortgage at all.

Also, make sure that you are applying for the mortgage with a fair enough finance score.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Paying A Mortgage with A Credit Card?  

Some of the pros and cons you need to know as you pay the mortgage with a credit card in 2018 are-


There are many advantages to paying your mortgage with a credit card; however, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

  • When you don't have enough money, it provides a great tool to have additional funds to buy an expensive product or a house. 

  • It enhances your ability to make repayments on the outstanding.


It is well-known that the mortgage-paying credit card option comes with a lot of hurdles like 

  • Extra interest is added to your payments.

  • Cash advances will charge you a dominant annual percentage rate (APR).

  • Fees for making purchases that the concerned insurance will not cover.

  • If you fail to manage the entire process efficiently, your credit score will suffer.

How to Use Plastiq To Pay A Mortgage?   

One can pay off the mortgage faster using a credit card by plastic. For example, Plastiq is a type of online bill payment service that helps you pay rent with a credit card, where the landlord does not need to have a Plastiq account. The company inflicts a 2.85 per cent fee for credit card payments, and one can manually or schedule automatic payment for a specific duration.

But in most conditions involving third-party payment, the company pays your rent, and you have to pay the processing fees, negating any credit card rewards you earn. Furthermore, if you continue to use such services, the transaction fees increase.

For example, if you use Plastiq to pay the monthly rent, you'll have to pay a $42.75 fee each time (2.85 per cent), which adds up to a sizable amount.

Can You Add Credit Card Debt into A New Mortgage?

You can get a new mortgage even with an outstanding or credit card debt, with even adverse credit, but it depends on factors where you may have to prove your ability to borrow and pay back a certain amount.

Most of us have taken credit for various items like mobile phones, cars, or credit cards. Many believe that having any debt against your name will limit your application, but that isn't necessarily the case, and it is possible to get a mortgage even with debt.

Also, the mortgage rate fluctuates, so you need to search for the low-interest rate option where you can pay the mortgage with a credit card without a fee. But it is a fact that clearing all the due debt would be the best way to move forward.

Should You Pay Off All Credit Card Debt Before Getting A Mortgage? 

As long as you can prove that you can afford to pay back the debt, where you will be able to maintain payments on your mortgage, you will get the mortgage loan; at the same time as most mortgage lenders will want to know what kind of debt you're in and what is the reason to be in.

For example - they may want to know how you are prepared for an unforeseen life event and how you can avoid financial mismanagement or heavy use of payday loans at the time of crisis. Of course, it may be difficult to get a mortgage if you've used a payday loan, but not all such debts are deal-breakers.


All fees imposed by the banks and credit card firms are largely for processing mortgage payments via credit card because cardholders pay a debt by creating more debt. Mortgage loans are a form of debt and so are credit cards. Paying off one type of debt using the other is moving the debt around, and rent isn't regarded as a debt.

Hence, most card issuers and networks allow rental payments through credit cards; however, applying for a mortgage with a credit card is not always easy. 

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